PostSharp for ASP.NET Web Sites

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Adds support for PostSharp 2.0 on ASP.NET Web Sites.



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A plug-in for PostSharp aimed to automate state management in ASP.NET controls. It enables storing field / properties values of controls just by decorating them with custom attribute. One can also decide if he wants to store value in ViewState or ControlState.

Postsharp-user-plugins - PostSharp User Plug-Ins

Plug-ins and Aspect Libraries contributed by the PostSharp community. This project currently contains the following components: Log4PostSharp: trace your programs using a single custom attribute. Log4PostSharp emits optimal instructions for you. Yes, just like hand-tuned code! PostSharp4Unity: Mark classes as configurable and start enjoying Unity without the factory method! Old plain constructor still work. PostSharpAspNet: Enables to use PostSharp in ASP.NET projects even with JIT compilation.