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PostNuke is software that creates an impressive, dynamic web site and provides the webmaster with a site they can administer with a minimal amount of HTML knowledge through a web browser. For more information visit



Related Projects


pnCGI:IRC is a module for PostNuke that integrates the CGI:IRC ( webchat script into a PostNuke Module. Main reason for writing this software is the lack of a anywhere near decent webschat module.

Pndirectories - Directories Module for Postnuke

This is module for Postnuke content management.It modify from CMOD Web Link Module.

lottasophie PostNuke Modules

A variety of modules for PostNuke.

Postnuke Teamspeak Module

A Postnuke module that shows who is connected to a Teamspeak server. Written for Postnuke 0.726.


This project has been moved to

pnPJChat - pjIRC module for PostNuke

pnPJChat is a PostNuke module for pjIRC


Multi-Lingual Yellowpages for PostNuke and the kind.


pnDefineMachine is a module for the Postnuke CMS to help module authors and translators to create and maintain language files for other Postnuke modules. *** DEVELOPMENT MOVED TO NOC - GET THE LATEST FILES FROM THERE ***

Nuke Modules CVS

Nuke Modules CVS is the central CVS repository for Postnuke modules. Everyone is welcome to develop their modules in this CVS.

phprofession job board

phProfession is a job board script. There are two types of phPro - a standalone version and a PostNuke module. Support for standalone versions has been discontinued. This project supports only the PostNuke module starting from version 3.0.