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Postgenomic is the source code distribution for scientific blog aggregators like



Related Projects

Openreview - Code for a science blog aggregator

Rewrite of the codebase. Aggregates blogs and extracts science-related info (links to papers, for example) from them.A live version of this code is running at http://www.postgenomic.comRead the README in the source distribution for installation instructions.

Biomine - The Biomineralization informatics tool

Genomic and post-genomic approaches are opening a new window of opportunity to engage in questions regarding homology and evolution of this important biological innovation, as they provide both a means to analyze the overall composition of the animal biomineralization secretome , and allow for the incorporation of non-model organisms that will assist in filling the phylogenetic gap. In order to test different hypotheses related to the evolution of the biomineralization toolkit we developed a bio

Wildspan - A software package of mining discontinuously structural motifs in protein sequences

A software tool, WildSpan, is developed to discover functional signatures and diagnostic patterns of proteins directly from a set of unaligned protein sequences. The most distinguishing feature of WildSpan is it link short motifs (local conserved regions) with large flexible gaps to deliver the most frequently observed discontinuous patterns present in related proteins. Though the components of such patterns, named W-patterns here, are largely separated in sequences, they usually form clusters i