Possum - Simple bean persistence

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A small and simple annotation-driven bean persistence package that allows the developer to define template-based sql statements for all operations.




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Lumenn - Possum's library of Python routines

This project developed as an attempt to add another object relational model similar to SQLObject and SQLAlchemy to the lost list of Python ORMs. Along the way, it acquired filesystem code, pygtk code, and miscellaneous utilities. The original intent of the library still stands, but now it is simply a collection of useful Python snippets for anyone interested. Documentation is sparse, but please look at the companion programs possum-image-viewer and possumcam for details in use. Let me know if it

Possum-image-viewer - Small image viewer written in pygtk especially for the Maemo platform and touc

possum-image-viewer is a small image viewer optimized for touchscreen interfaces. It was designed to work with the Nokia N800, but should work fine on any device that Python runs on. In order to facilitate quick searches with large numbers of files (I have over 3,000 personal images stored on my N800 which I've taken with my phone's camera), the viewer uses a sqlite database cache instead of scanning the whole filesystem. The viewer also supports keyword searches as well. Further development is

possum - Possum language

Possum language

possumv2 - Possum, version awesome

Possum, version awesome


oPOSSUM Version 3

possum - Possum-CMS - Symfony based backend

Possum-CMS - Symfony based backend

oPOSSUM3 - oPOSSUM Version 3

oPOSSUM Version 3

Possum_Motion - Initial possum usage and reproduce-ables

Initial possum usage and reproduce-ables


possum is a simple window manager based on TinyWM