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A opensource NLE video application. Designed to meet the needs of the mid to high end market. Geared to be a replacement for applications like Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Smoke.




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Patmol - Quantum chemistry program for positron scattering

The is an attempt to write an ab initio quantum chemistry program explicitly for calculating the polarization potential for positron-molecule low energy scattering.


KPositon - A graphical front end to positron aimed towards users of the K Desktop Environment(KDE). KPositron is written entirely in python using the PyQt and PyKDE libraries.

Autoandroid - Tools for automating android projects.. so you can just write code!

Contributors | Positron | Android-Ant This project is no longer being actively developed or maintained. If you would like to give it a new home and rescue it from my heartless clutches, contact me.Agile style recommends automating aspects of a project such as runnings builds and tests. These tools can help you accomplish that with a fresh Android project. PositronAndroid + Selenium = PositronPositron lets you write and run Android stories (or integration tests or functional tests). It integrates

Android-positron - Create and run Stories for your Android Applications

Dear Testers, Positron has moved! Please find a brand new version at http://code.google.com/p/autoandroid/This page is no longer monitored. Please see the new project page.

Flvextractc - FLV Extract Console

Note: as of 2010, original FLV Extract contains its own command line version, and in 2011 was ported to C++. So this project is deprecated and its functionality is now superseeded by the original program. What is FLV Extract console?You downloaded a Flash Video file to your computer and want do something with it, instead of just watching? You want to extract a video/audio stream from a Flash Video File? This program is defenetely for you! FLV Extract is a program that can extract raw streams fro

Ziyad0positronic0webbroswer - xul based - gecko engine web broswer that work on linux/bsd / windows

this is a web browser that use gecko engine and xul , I'm hoping to create environment that look like start trek helogramic room. thanx: ne12abaa3@gmail.com

Peneasy-imaging - Extension of the PENELOPE main program penEasy for the simulation of medical imagi

penEasy_Imaging (v. 2010-09-02)PenEasy_Imaging is an extension of the general-purpose Monte Carlo particle transport simulation toolkit penEasy that provides new capabilities that allow the simulation of medical imaging systems. Currently, penEasy_Imaging is based on the penEasy version 2008-06-15 and uses the atomic physics modeling subroutines from PENELOPE 2006. PenEasy_Imaging is being developed at the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Offi

Penmesh - Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport in a triangle mesh geometry.

PenMesh: Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Transport in Triangle MeshesPenMesh is a software package that combines a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo simulation algorithm and a modern computed-aided design (CAD) geometry model with the purpose of simulating radiation transport across complex, free-form objects. PenMesh uses the particle transport physics from the PENELOPE 2006 package and a geometry model in which objects are defined by closed triangle meshes. The main program, tally and source ro

positron - Positron is Artsy Writer or the editorial tool for Artsy.

Positron is Artsy Writer or the editorial tool for Artsy.