Portable IoC

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Portable IOC is a tiny thread-safe Inversion of Control container that is portable between Windows Phone, Windows Store (Windows 8), Silverlight, and .NET apps.




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patterns & practices - Unity

The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight extensible dependency injection container with support for constructor, property, and method call injection. Unity addresses the issues faced by developers engaged in component-based software engineering. Modern business ap...

Infector++ - Simple and Lightweight IoC container

A simple and lightweight IoC Container for doing dependency Injection for C++11. Simplest API, easy to use and hard to misuse. It is exception safety, Virtually remove memory leaks and Typesafe.


James (a.k.a Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server, and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail/messaging engine solution based on currently available open messaging protocols.

Pimple - A small PHP 5.3 dependency injection container

A small PHP 5.3 dependency injection container


a Domain Driven Design + CQRS + EventSource java framework

Spring Framework

The dominant application framework for Java, Spring solves core enterprise development and runtime problems, offering configuration via Dependency Injection; declarative services via AOP; and packaged enterprise services. Developed by SpringSource.

Jgentle - JGentle is a lightweight IoC container for Java 6 and above

JGentle's features are referred to as Inversion of Control (IoC) Container or Lightweight Container. The adoption of JGentle in an application ensures the use of certain design principles which improve encapsulation, modularization, testability and reusability, offering configuration via Dependency Injection, Definition Management, Annotation Injection, and declarative services via AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming).


Dependency Injection Container with a very simple API.

Funq - A Dast Dependency Injection container in .NET

This project provides a high performance DI framework by eliminating all runtime reflection through the use of lambdas and generic functions as factories. Developed entirely in C# using TDD, it's a container you can crack open and actually understand to the core.

Snake-guice - A simple, lightweight Python dependency injection framework based on google-guice

snake-guice is a simple, lightweight Python dependency injection framework based on google-guice. The Guice way of doing things is quite a bit different than the current breed of XML IoC containers. This is experimental code. APIs will likely change and implementation will definitely change. This documentation is a work in progress. For general information on the Guice concepts you may want to take a look at the google-guice project documentation. Just mentally translate the Java examples to Pyt