MvcContrib Portable Areas

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This project hosts mvccontrib portable areas.



Related Projects


OpenIdPortableArea is an MvcContrib powered Portable Area that encapsulates logic for implementing OpenId (using DotNetOpenAuth).

MvcContrib: an Outercurve Foundation project

This project adds additional functionality on top of the MVC Framework. It is written in C#. Founded by Eric Hexter and Jeffrey Palermo.

MvcContrib Template Gallery

This project is the MVC Template Gallery which is part of the MvcContrib project.

Dot-net-reference-app - Reference application for .Net with ASP.NET MVC, MvcContrib, NHibernate, and

This reference application is used in Headspring's Agile Boot Camp training. Furthermore, all of Headspring's systems are built with a similar architectural approach. Feel free to use this application as a reference when building your own.


etcetera.Mvc adds additional UI functionality to the ASP.NET MVC Framework in the form of rich HtmlHelpers. etcetera.Mvc is written in C# and depends on MvcContrib and jQuery. The project was founded by Kay Herzam.


This is the MvcContrib project to support MVC 4

MvcContrib - User contributions for the ASP.NET MVC Framework

User contributions for the ASP.NET MVC Framework

MvcContrib UI Extensions - Themed Grid & Menu

UI Extensions to the MvcContrib Project - Themed Grid & Menu


This is the version of mvccontrib which works with ASP.Net MVC 3