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Related Projects

Multi File Port Monitor

MFILEMON is a print monitor for 32 and 64 bit MS Windows (2000/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8). It automates quot;print to filequot; jobs choosing the filename according to a pattern. It can redirect data to an external program (e.g. Ghostscript, to produce PDF).

Ada Lapack

A partial port of Lapack to Ada 2012


Popular text file editor for the eBookMan. This project space is also home to a few of my other small projects. March 2012: TapWrite has been ported to the samsung bada platform. See: http://www.samsungapps.com/topApps/topAppsDetail.as?productId=G00004901692

Php52-backports - Backported security patches for PHP 5.2.17 from other PHP versions

PHP 5.2.17 is no longer supported by PHP developers team and therefore in the repository will be published security patches to maintain the safe operation of PHP 5.2.17 and various fixes. Oldstable PHP version is not compatible with the new development version but is needed for many older applications, we use it on web hosting service for our customers, it is especially popular in Russia and CIS countries. Make more secure by using our patches. Patches taken from various free sources. We get pat

Poly2tri-c - C+GLib port of poly2tri - A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library

This is a C port of the poly2tri library - a fast and powerful library for computing 2D constrained Delaunay triangulations. Instead of the standard C++ library (which included some utilities and template-based data structures), this port depends on GLib for it's data structures and some of it's utilities. This library will also have an additional feature the source didn't have - it will have an implementation of Chew's second algorithm for mesh refinement. This port was done as a part of Google

Routerdefense - Cisco IOS configuration security assessment tool

Router Defense deep dives into Cisco routers and switches configuration and do security recommandations. It gives the opportunity to audit network devices in a quick, efficient way and actionable practices. The author created this tool because he was frustrated of never seeing a network device with simple security best practices applied in the wild. The tool has been released at the BRUCON 2010 conference. Last update: 21th january 2012 Include 140 tests. Documentation home ______ _ ______ __| _

Frege - Frege Programming Language

What is Frege?Frege is a non-strict, pure functional programming language in the spirit of Haskell. It enjoys a strong static type system with type inference. Higher rank types are supported, though type annotations are required for that. Frege programs are compiled to Java and run in a JVM. Existing Java Classes and Methods can be used seamlessly from Frege. The Frege programming language is named after and in honor of Gottlob Frege. MotivationThere have been attempts to port Haskell to the JVM

Sunteams-inverter-logger - Retrieves data from the Sunteams inverter

IntroductionThis is a java console application that retrieves data from the Sunteams inverter via serial port and logs to a daily file output every 30 seconds. It will also to upload data to http://www.pvoutput.org via the API http://www.pvoutput.org/help.html#api-spec The second stage will to run (attempt to) this via an Atmel atmega328p chip to remove the need for a PC This should work with other models as well but only tested on 2000/2800 model News2012-02-27Arduino - Serial routines tested a

Revitpythonshell - An IronPython plugin for Autodesk Revit Architecture

IntroductionRevitPythonShell exposes the RevitAPI in Autodesk Revit Architecture and Project Vasari to IronPython (python on .NET) scripts. This allows the user to explore the API interactively, without leaving Revit or Vasari. Once your code works, you can save it as a CannedCommand, which will show up in the Revit / Vasari ribbon. FeaturesInteractive IronPython interpreter with syntax highlighting autocompletion (press CTRL+SPACE after a period) based on the IronLab project IronPython pad (als

Stormforce - Real-time lightning detection from your Boltek LD-250 and/or Boltek EFM-100 device

StormForce XRStormForce XR is a free open source program written in Python which connects to a Boltek LD-250 and/or Boltek EFM-100 lightning detector and displays lightning strikes in real-time on your desktop delivered via XMLRPC. Developed and tested with FreeBSD but should work with Linux and other POSIX environments as well as MS Windows. Re-written using the v0.6.0 codebase of StormForce, StormForce XR has been split into two components - the server side and the client side. External packag