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Popper is a Web based mail client that allows you to access your personal mailboxes on POP3 servers.




Related Projects


popper_mod-wid is a free, full featured web based email client written in PHP. It is an extension of the now abandoned quot;popper_modquot; project which was an extension of the origional popper. It runs on any server that can run PHP and mySQL. Uses POP and S

Q-and-w-javascript-class-library - the javascript library, for reuse coding

q-and-w-javascript-class-library QWJsLib Developer: shawl.qiu, email: btbtd@live.com, blog: http://blog.csdn.net/btbtd/ popper.w, email: popper11@126.com, blog: http://www.hongwei2008.cn

RSS Feed Popper

RSS Feed Popper is an RSS reader with a difference - it displays feed items as they are submitted at the side of the screen. It is developed in VB 2008


A simple, effective and convenient network popup messager, compatible with WinPopup, by using Samba.


Simple command-line utility for transferring a file from one user to another. Features include encryption, large-file support, and multi-part transfers.

Vbmessageboxpopper - This is an application that closes Windows message boxes programatically.

VbMessageBoxPopper is Windows application to close Message Boxes programmaticaly using Windows API. The message boxes that are popped is configurable via XML settings file. The user can specify the target Message Box using Title and or Text. A sleep command can be invoked before the program looks for the next Message Box by indicating the SleepTime value.


Popper is designed to make it quick and easy to create customisable popups in Javascript that can contain anything

hoodpop - Ruby Hood Popper - See what's happening under Ruby's hood

Ruby Hood Popper - See what's happening under Ruby's hood


Popper is an extremely light-weight Javascript library for "popping" images on a web site into a modal display.