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PopED (Population Experimental Design) is a software tool for computing optimal experimental designs. The software has been developed with an emphasis on drug trials based on population models (non-linear mixed effects models).




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Dppsql - DPP Sql-Extension for Joomla

"dppsql" is a simple Joomla-Component to show data from a Joomla-Mysql-Database. This Software is a Joomla-Component to show Mysql-Data in a table in a page. It's easy to use and fast and simple. It's Opensource and Prayware. It means: Prayware is computer software that is distributed freely or under a open source code license, but that the authors request (or require) that users of the software pray for them (the author) or for another cause. I ask for prayer for our Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) Se


KWoodhammer is the all-in-one solution for traditional encryption methods as you know from Enigma, the Pope or the Russian Secret Service (KGB).

Derbyrunner - Run a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby or similar style race

DerbyRunner keeps track of vehicles and scores in a race. I wrote it to keep track of a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, but it's useful for any similar sort of race where you have a number of lanes and are ranking the winner of each heat as first, second, third, and so on. No support is currently available for races which are scored by timers. To minimize the advantage of being in a "fast" lane, each vehicle races once in each lane. Young and Pope's Partial Perfect-N algorithm is used for lane assignm

Redis-queue - A Simple Tasks Queue Based on Redis DB

Simple and easy to use implementation of tasks queue, based on python and redis database. An example of how I using it. I have the following cronjob in mine's crontab: */20 * * * * redis_queue/tools/placer.py apps.mystats.tasks update_stats -q maintIt means that usual python function update_stats() from module mystats will be placed to 'maint' queue every 20 minutes. If we have the 'redis_queue/tools/worker.py -q maint' process running, the 'update_stats()' function will be pop`ed from the queue

Bpipe - A tool for running and managing bioinformatics pipelines

Welcome to BpipeBpipe provides a platform for running big bioinformatics jobs that consist of a series of processing stages - known as 'pipelines'. April 14th - New! Bpipe 0.9.3 released! Download Documentation Bpipe has been accepted for publication in Bioinformatics! If you use Bpipe, please cite: Sadedin S, Pope B & Oshlack A, Bpipe: A Tool for Running and Managing Bioinformatics Pipelines, Bioinformatics Why Bpipe?Many people working with bioinformatics data end up running jobs as shell scri

Freeracemanager - Manage Races for Your Organization

Free Open Source Software Now Available for Managing Pinewood Derby and Other Scout Races Free Race Manager is an open source program available to anyone who manages Pinewood Derby or other races. Feel free to download and install on your own server or try it out on the test server http://freeracemanager.jackbubba.com (subject to unpredictable availability). Current features include: Manage Multiple Organizations Manage multiple cars and races separately for each organization Generation of Heats

Newsfromewtn - Current religious news from EWTN, the Global Catholic Network.

Tags: religion, catholic, spirituality, news, pope, headlines. From Wardner Software - http://www.wardnersoftware.com

Mongodloid - Mongodloid: MongoDB was designed to be so simple!

Source is now on BitBucket! So you can simply go there and get all the latest library code in .gz or .zip or whatever, just check the link "get source" on the Mongodloid's BitBucket page. Another good news: Zend Framework proposal to include something much greater than this library into Zend Framework. Yes comments please! Warning!Since I'm planning to add MongoDB support to Zend Framework, I will not add any new features to Mongodloid except ones I need by myself (currently I'm using Mongodloid

Touch-type - An application that helps you to learn touch typing

TouchType is a simple application that contains a set of exercises to practice touch typing. It displays a virtual keyboard, your accuracy and speed while you are typing. It is written in C++, using GTK+ library. You can compile it on Windows (Visual Studio) and Linux (make). There is also a version ported to Java. TouchType is no longer developed or supported. It is provided mostly to give examples of code. If you are interested in further development, please do not hesitate to contact me. Touc

Bamboo-warrior - A PyWeek 10 game by Daniel Pope

A wibbly-wobbly platform game involving samurai swordfighting in a bamboo forest.