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Modular POP3 daemon.




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Foxyworlds-3d-vr - FoxyWorlds 3D Virtual Reality web engine

Development of a 3d web game vr system based on Python, CMU Panda 3D, PHP and SQL Lite. Intent is to develop a Peer to Peer network of virtual worlds loosely connected by a minimalist masterserver / dynamic subdomain redirector. The DB PERSIST protocol will use database functionality commonly found on inexpensive hosting sites rather than an expensive dedicated solution like the Disney OTP server / CMU server code distributed with the Panda 3D developers kit, in other words a "mom and pop" kit f

Litesite-framework - Website Development Framework

LiteSite is a browser based answer to the rise of apps in the Internet. LiteSite represents a PHP based website development framework with a strong focus to master the fragmentation of surfing devices with one website only. During the last years no browser-based answer was found to master the plethora of new surfing devices and platforms what finally ended in the wallet garden approach of web apps. LiteSite was developed to provide web-developers and web-designers a powerful multi-serving tool w

Html5-preloader - A javascript library to preload images, audio, video and other resources on a HTML

With the growing use of HTML5 and it taking over the browser game scene, developers need an easy API to preload their resources on to the browser. html5-preloader aims to offer this, and in a compact, yet customizable way. html5-preloader supports almost all of the data types out there, from mp4 to xml, and with flexible fallback support. Latest stable version: 0.52 (rev 7) DiscontinuedPlease note that this Google Code project has been moved to github: https://github.com/jussi-kalliokoski/html5P

Axmail - AfterLogic XMail Server Lite is a free open source e-mail server for Unix, Linux and Window

AfterLogic XMail Server Lite provides SMTP/POP3 services, AJAX webmail, multiple domains and accounts, virtual domains, spam filter, and lots of other features. AfterLogic XMail Server Lite is distributed under GPLv2 license and is available for Linux (Unix) and Windows. Windows edition comes with ASP.NET webmail/webadmin frontend, Linux edition includes PHP version of these components. AfterLogic XMail Server Lite page can be found at: http://www.afterlogic.com/products/xmail-server-lite The co

Mbmail-m8lite - A little Email check program for Meizu M8 from MBSTUDIO.

A simple Meizu M8(wince 6.0) socket program: connect->send->recv using POP3 protocol USER,PASS,STAT,UIDL..,etc. (support ssl, powered by stunnel); A demo app for testing M8 SDK development: (6xxMhz CPU, 1xxM+ free memory for apps, wife/edge, bluetooth, 300w AF, muti-touch 480×720 3.4 screen, and apps run in background freely, OPEN wince6 platform with Meizu M8 SDK, Oyeah@-@) play sounds(mp3,wma,even ape..) and volume control; gprs/edge state check and auto dial when needed; vibration function t