Poor Man's CMS

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Poor Man's CMS (poormans) is a very basic CMS running as a swt application and generating static html pages.




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Poorguy - PoorGuy is a small and fast webserver.

Poorguy is an attempt to create a clone of Poorman web server from BeOS/Haiku.

Otpauth - One-Time Password Authentication (OTPauth) Poor-man's two-factor authentication soluti

What is OTPauth?OTPauth is an open source, php-based, code library that is a two-factor authentication solution based on RFC 2289 - The One-Time Password. Many sites are already using this type of solution - including many banks in Europe - but there are few open source implementations. For more information see our wiki page on two factor authentication and why one-time passwords are a good poor man's solution as well as our wiki page on Usage Scenarios. What makes it a "poor-man's solution" ? R

Python-virtualgps - Planned Python wrapper for various popular web location API's that will emul

Python Virtual GPSPlanned Python wrapper for various popular web location API's that will emulate a GPS device. Planned FeaturesWill appear to the following popular applications as a GPS device: Google Earth Kismac (inspiration for the original idea) Initial relase will use a choice of 3 inputs to provide GPS data: Fire Eagle Google Gelocation Manual entry Will provide API and simple graphical interface Will work on (in order of preference). OSX, Linux, Windows. RequirementsPython 2.6.1 (Initial

V4p - Vectors for Pocket - a minimalistic 2D graphics rendition engine

IntroductionV4P - Vectors For Pocket - is a minimalistic software-only dependency-free scanline-rendering based 2D graphics engine. Its purpose is to render a 2D image out of a set of layered polygons. The basis of the algorithm is introduced by Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scanline_rendering. This algorithm has been merged with Bresenham and quicksort algorithms, plus bit-based layers management and poor-man integer only mathematics routines picked here and there. V4P is extra l

Pmip - Poor Man's IDE Plugin (PMIP)

Why?Developers rely massively on IDE's and related plugins to increase productivity with particular frameworks and technologies but there are many everyday project inefficiencies that we tend to live with, because writing IDE plugins is a massive gumption trap. PMIP was created to remedy that by making it simple to write project specific plugins. For further information see the slides from the 'Introduction to PMIP talk' (requires a non IE browser) What is it?Poor Man's IDE Plugin (PMIP) is a si

Poorman's GPS and more using cellphones

PyS20 application for Nokia Series 60. Uses cell tower info to guess where you are. Allows you to select a timetable for a journey and reports how early/late you are running. Triggers alarms and sends SMS messages at specified locations.

php PoorMan's System Management Sofware

Poor Man's System Management Software lt;brgt; The primary goal is to give access to IPMI capabilities via a web serverlt;brgt; - Interface via kcs ( using ipmicmd )lt;brgt; - SEL Viewer, SDRR Editorlt;brgt;

Texsymb - A Poorman's X-Symbol: Input Method for TeX symbols on Emacs

tex-symb provides post-fix type abbrev expansion for symbols and Greek letters in (La)TeX like X-Symbol package <http://x-symbol.sourceforge.net/>.

rperf - Poorman's remote performance monitoring

Poorman's remote performance monitoring

cexp - Poorman's implementation of combined expressions

Poorman's implementation of combined expressions