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Apple 1 emulator




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Apple1 Emulator for the terminal with cut and paste.

Phloc-parent-pom - Generic Parent POM for Java 1.6 applications

A parent POM for Java 1.6 and Maven 3.x having up-to-date plugin dependencies. It has m2eclipse support and reporting functionality.

Sortpom - Sorts the Maven pom.xml file.

Maven-SortPom-PluginMaven plugin that helps the user sort pom.xml. The default sort order is taken from the Maven3 pom documentation. The main advantage to have standardized sorted poms, is that comparisons between different projekt poms becomes much easier. News2012-05-24: Released version 1.3.0 with a new parameter to keep blank lines in the pom-file. 2012-02-29: Received an Open Source Licence for JRebel. Thank you ZeroTurnaround! 2012-02-22: Released version 1.2.1. The plugin is now official

Maven-web-plugin - Maven Web Plugin

maven-web-plugin is a plugin that allows dependency management on projects that does not define default paths for dependecies. it is based on the maven-war-plugin and maven-dependency-plugin but aims to permit maven dependency management on project developed on languages other then java, like php, asp, jsp. A pom.xml sample: <project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.a

Pommel - Command line tool to replace dependencies in multiple pom files.

pommelThis tool will scan any number of maven projects and replace target dependencies. The inputs are a top level directory and a path to the mapping file. The mapping file contains the source and target dependency list. This is a companion tool to mavenize which will take existing java projects and reconfigure them into the maven directory structure. See links on this page. ExampleSay, for instance, you want to update all the junit dependencies in a number of java projects. Also you want to ma

Binbase-maven - BinBase Database Maven Repository

Description we use this project to provide a maven2 repository for the BinBase database project which can be found under this link And other open source projects we work on. For this reason the won't be any releases except the files in the SVN which are mostly pom's and jar files. Integration if you like to access the files please comnfigure your pom the following way: <!-- build configuration to support svn access --> <build> <extensions> <extension> <groupId>org.jvnet.wagon-svn</groupId> <arti

Mavenize-tool - Command line tool to &quot;mavenize&quot; any number of existing java projects.

mavenizeThis tool will take any number of existing java projects and Generate the maven directory structure. Split source and resource files apart and drop them into the relevant directory. Generate a default pom with configurable version and package types. Generate group id's based on the most common package prefix. Generate artifact id's based on project title. If the source project is a "NetBeans" module it will read the project description files and generate dependencies. Arguments: -i {inpu

Htmlcompressor-maven-plugin - Maven HTMLCompressor Plugin

Maven HTMLCompressor Plugin MOVED TO GITHUBVersion: 1.2 Keywords: HTML/XML compression, htmlcompressor, Java, Maven plugin Copyright: Alex Tunyk <alex at tunyk.com> License: Apache License version 2.0 Maven HTMLCompressor Plugin allows to compress HTML/XML files by adding a few lines to the pom file. This plugin uses htmlcompressor library. UsageThe simplest way to start using this plugin is:1) Enable plugin in your pom.xml: <build> <plugins> <plugin> <groupId>com.tunyk.mvn.plugins.htmlcompresso

Soda-commons - A library of highly-tested production-ready Java utilities

Why you'll love sodawhat we want to provide: hard to find utilities (because you need them); reliable utilities through high test coverage (because you use them); code that is easy to use, and to understand (because you don't have time) features: a list of ISO-3166-1 countries, with english and french names; a user-agent based browser and version detection algorithm; many dates, collections and strings manipulation utilities; sugar; bubbles Download the latest build (always tested and stable)lat

Javaee5-maven-archetype - A Maven2 archetype which eases the start of Java EE 5 application.

Java EE 5 Maven2 archetypesThis project aims to create Java EE 5 archetype to allow developers to easily jumpstart Maven2 projects. Features- A Java EE 5 archetype - javaee5-maven-archetype - which consists of: A parent POM project, which encapsulates all common settings, An ejb module, with simple ejb3 A war module, with JSF 1.2 and injected ejb3 An ear module, which can be easily deployed to Glassfish application server For more info, check out Features. Try me!Quick tutorial: InstallationStep