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Design matrix for permissions-based data management applications; forms, reports, ad-hoc queries, with group-level permissions for all elements; allows easy management of diverse access levels for users on the same system. Extends smarty; requires mysql.




Related Projects

Bjps - Polymer Digestion Simulation

A C++/Python library to faciliate the simulation of polymer digestion and reconstruction at the 'informational' level.

Rsampler - An application for acquiring data from a sampling device

RSAMPLER This application allows the user to access data from the serial port by a simple graphical interface. The sampling device acquires temperatures and resistance values from polymers that are tested for temperature sensor confection. The application reads the sampled values from the serial port by the user's request. The user can store the values into a database as soon as the acquisition is over. Afterwards, the user can retrieve the data and generate CVS files and charts to evaluate the

Web-Components-Polyfill - IMPORTANT: Use http://polymer-project.org/ instead. Their stuff is better.

IMPORTANT: Use http://polymer-project.org/ instead. Their stuff is better.

Polygwt - GWT application for polymers.

An AJAX application for polymer informatics.

Polymate - Polyglot Persistence Layer for MongoDB and Neo4j

Polymate combines the power of MongoDB and Neo4j Databases with the simplicity of the Morphia-Framework and a self-written API that maps annotated POJOs to both, MongoDB and Neo4j. By doing that, the strengths of both databases can be used. The flexible data-model of MongoDB with it's easy sharding and good query support as well as the graph data model of Neo4j, which is great in persisting and querying relations. Please feel free to take a look at the source-code. If you have any questions or i


The polymer model called FENE is simulated in a Lagrangian frame of reference in various flow types such as turbulent flow, laminar shear flow, etc. A Qt-based GUI is created in this project to animate the dynamics.

Polymode - A python library for the modal analysis of microstructured optical fibers

Polymode is a package for the modal analysis of optical fibers, particularly microstructured optical fiber (MOF) or photonic crystal fibers (PCF) with silica or polymer construction. The performance of such fibres can be calculated from a knowledge of the effective indices and losses of all or at least a sufficient number of the modes, to give, for example, local density of states, numerical aperture, bandwidth or mixing behaviour under various perturbations. The Polymode software is currently t