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Polarscope is a gnome-gtk based interface for display data logged with Polar heartrate monitors and dumped with s710d or s710sh software in .srd files, or in .hrm format. You can see altitude, heartrate and speed diagrams, among a lot of other exercise d




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Polarhrm - get data out of polar watches linux

#here is the stating point. current issuesrcx5: get the driver working correctly (pairing, commands ...) get session (how to stick the packets together) accessing the usb system as normal user instead of root user. create a udev rule see README parse raw session data (some help would be fine :-) parse hr values correctly (sample file: dump hrm output) rs800cx: samples with S3 Foodpod and Cycling gear are needed. find more data in raw sessions (I don t find more) s625x: samples with Cycling gear