Poker AI

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Game Engine and AI framework for playing No Limit Holdem



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Csharppoker - C# poker software which uses the XNA api.

Saturday, Oct. 29 2011 I have plans for this project, but at the moment I'm focusing on turbokeys. CSharp Poker (CSP) is a C# XNA project. This project serves these five goals:A project to better the developers c#, XNA, game theory and AI skills. A versatile and programmable texas hold'em game to play against for our enjoyment. A training system that measures and improves a human's holdem ability. ( EV calculation, Important poker math and odds, psychological analysis, etc.. ) A sandbox like env

Sngegt - Open Source development of SNGEGT

OverviewSit and Go End Game Tools (SNGEGT) is a powerful tool for calculating the correct plays in the later stages of sit and go tournaments. Because these decisions are so easy to quantify and so important to your win rate it, is important to master them if you want to become a serious winner. With this revolutionary tool you can get advice while you play with our Real Time analyzer (Standard and GT versions) or go back over decisions later to find the holes in your game and plug them forever.

Openholdembot - A programmable Texas Holdem style poker botting platform

The OpenHoldem discussion forums can be found here: And the OpenHoldem Wiki can be found here: DescriptionOpenHoldem is an open source screen scraping framework and programmable logic engine for the online Texas Holdem poker game. This framework does not include automated collusion capabilities. It does include: A parameter driven engine for screen scraping and interpreting game states (Table Maps) A lo