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Pointless is a tool for creating and viewing slideshows. Presentations are made using a simple markup-language and are then rendered using OpenGL and Freetype for optimal visual quality.




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image2css - Pointless PHP class to convert image to CSS box-shadow property.

Pointless PHP class to convert image to CSS box-shadow property.

Marchukspel - Guide Matchuk through this pointless adventure

Guide Matchuk through this pointless adventure Guide Matchuk through this pointless adventure

Dailyblag - A blog engine in Google Go

Daily Blag is a blog engine in Google Go that supports up to one post per day.

Py-pointless - A fast and efficient read-only relocatable data structure for JSON like data, with C

Pointless is a data structure and a corresponding library, which can store JSON like data. Since the file is relocatable, it can be stored on disk, and mmap'd without any extra memory. If multiple processes use the same file, it only needs to be loaded once into memory. It grew out of the need to have multiple Python processes access the same data, with minimal memory overhead. Python Pickle does a similar job, but the data is always per-process, and takes much more memory.

Zeded - Nondeterministic Zero Instruction Set VM

ZEDED - Nondeterministic Zero Instruction Set Computer— Who's Zed? — Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead... ZEDED is an esoteric (read: pointless) nondeterministic zero-instruction VM that interprets at least two raw binary files concurrently. The idea was influenced by nondeterminism, concurrency, ZISCs, the quantum wave function collapse, and Pulp Fiction. ZEDED has no syntax as the language (and machine) has no instructions or opcodes. Essentially, any binary (or hex, for ease of readability) str

Ratcowsoftopensource - Rat Cow Software opensource.

This project contains the parts of Rat Cow Software's products that are opensourced. # Recent additions: Outliner - a simple, pointless outliner app I wrote because I was too lazy to look for one on the web! Yay :-) mvcframework - a simple MVC style framework for System.Windows.Forms (Winforms) - It's at an extremely early stage of development. Use at your own peril!! Added some old Delphi and BeOS code to the repo. Added a simple ComicBook file (CBZ and CBR) API. Currently allows opening and tr

Framewerk - A PHP application framework that's not shit.

Super lightweight, efficient, flexible, PHP5, MVC based framework using the controller -> action paradigm, that will help you structure your application sensibly.Simple to use and no slow, hidden, heavy-weight magic happening in the background. Sack all that complex, inefficient and inflexible 'table as an object' modelling that other frameworks (cakePHP) try and implement. Real men/women write queries ...or occasionally some helper methods if the data is simple and it makes sense to do so. Don'

Pandorapanic - PandoraPanic! - MiniGames Collection

PandoraPanic! is an intense minigame challenge with a variety of games contributed by the GP32X.com community. Check out The Wiki With videos, (more) linux and windows executables, and basic help. Project discussion: GP32X If you are a beginning c++ programmer with some experience in other languages or scripting, writing a minigame can be a nice first challenge. Fast results, help from developers and users on the GP32X forum, and it will be probably be inluded in a PandoraPanic Update as well (P

Flac2any - A set of Ruby scripts for converting flac audio files to anything else.

flac2any is written in simple Ruby scripts that can batch convert FLAC audio files to virtually anything else (e.g. MP3 via LAME, Ogg/Vorbis via oggenc, AAC via faac), keeping metadata along the way. It is as portable as Ruby, and it only requires that you have flac, metaflac, and the encoder you wish to use installed. Custom paths to the executables for said programs are easily specified by editting the configuration bit in the script. Note: flac2any is currently undergoing a conversion from Ru

Invisiblemp3player - a complex solution for playing mp3 files from html and displaying them as links

Hi there! The main point of this project is not to develop a perfect flash audio player, but to create a light tool able to insert and display mp3 format sounds into an HTML document so that they'd look native to HTML-formatted text. The 'audio link' term isn't quite correct: it's a 'span' tag that's underlined, displays mouse cursor as a hand and changes color onmouseover/out. Clicking such element will cause it play a sound file specified in its' id attribute if it's currently not playing, els