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phpObjectForms is a fully object-oriented, highly customizable, easily extendable, library for creating and processing forms without writing any HTML code. The main goals of the library are ease of use and universality.



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Gridkit - A home for code misc usefull code related to data grids

Project goalIn memory data grids have become a standard part of java application stack. There are plenty data grid middleware both commercial and open source. This project is home of various supplementary stuff related to data grids. This includes tools, libraries, benchmarks etc. Owner's note: I have to admit that there are a lot of mess at gridkit. I'm trying to sort it out but stuff like clean project/build setup, proper release procedure are documentation take huge amount of time. So if you

Pollyteste - Testando

Teste para aprender a mexer do google code...

Vudusol-tools - Tools for development with Oracle Coherence

Ant Task to generate POF Serializers, annotation based Groovy DSL filter builder Groovy DSL aggregation builder Property based POF extractor Groovy POF extractor Groovy Console cluster gateway Annotation based DDL and IBatis SqlMap generator

Rapt - Automatically proves theorems

Rapture automatically proves theorems using resolution engine. In current incarnation it implements a naive resolutions method for a subset of first-order logic, which allows it to prove simple facts. Rapture is implemented in C# 3.0 and currently supports only Microsoft .NET Framework of versions 3.5 and higher. For being processed by Rapture first-order logic statements must be written in the form of .NET lambda-expressions. Upon adding statements to a rule set, Rapt disassembles them into abs

Gestinanna-POF - Release history of Gestinanna-POF

Release history of Gestinanna-POF

laba2 - lab2 pof praktika

lab2 pof praktika

betterpof - A chrome extension enhancing

A chrome extension enhancing

rebecca.repository - helper utility for repository pattern of PofEAA

helper utility for repository pattern of PofEAA