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Podracer is a podcast aggregator that gets the enclosures from a list of podcast feeds and stores them in a specified location. It supports BitTorrent, http and ftp downloads and runs best as a cron job to retrieve podcasts throughout the day.




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Upodder - Simple console python podcast downloader

Simple podcast downloaderI needed a simple console podcast downloader. I did not find any one suitable for my needs (podracer lacked ATOM support, hpodder segfaulted from time to time and didn't understand ATOM as well. Both of then were unaware for entries IDs, only for mp3 file names, which are subjects to be changed, as on rpod.ru). My usage scenario is to download unseen enclosures, place them in the folder with a name ~/podcasts/%d-%m-%Y/{somename}.mp3 (like podracer does) and then rsync th