Podium Presentation System

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Podium is a set of PHP scripts and files for managing and displaying Web-based slide presentations. Inspired by, and partly based on, the 'pres' system used internally by the PHP group. Podium takes care of presentation so you can worry about content.




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Podium is a PowerPoint Add-in that allows PowerPoint to be controled by a Windows Phone 7 device


Kinductor puts you on the podium and in control of a full symphonic orchestra using just your hands and Kinect.

Cookiecheck - CookieCheck - A simple PHP script to test whether cookies are enabled

CookieCheck is a simple PHP script to check whether visitors to your site have cookies enabled or not. Nothing about this project is likely to win a Turing Award anytime soon, but hey; it's simple, it works. and it saves you having to reinvent the wheel for each of your scripts that rely on cookies. And who knows, maybe one day a Turing Award recipient will be on the podium thanking CookieCheck for making it all possible! Don't worry, I won't hold my breath... What's Going On?14/5/2008: CookieCh

Coding4Fun's Maelstrom

Introduced at //build/ 2012, Maelstrom is Coding4Fun's latest creation. Step up to the podium and battle against your opponent in full-on stereoscopic 3D!

Conference-caster-pro - Conference Caster Pro -- Crowdsource Your Multi-Camera Video Footage

Can you imagine making a top-quality webcast of a live event with a crew of one? Here’s how you’ll do it... You’re sitting at your laptop. You’re running CONFERENCE CASTER PRO. You have a wifi router. A wifi-camera on a tripod. And a clean audio feed from the podium. You also have a gang of workers standing by to make your webcast a multimedia masterpiece. They’ve installed Conference Caster CROWD CAM on their cellphones. They’re streaming footage to your laptop. And you’re making

podiumrgm - Theme for Podium RGM site

Theme for Podium RGM site

podium - Podium, the POD-based presentation and website builder

Podium, the POD-based presentation and website builder


Podium API is the API component to a small iPhone + API Hack-A-Thon project. It uses Grape.


A small VBScript program which enables interaction with Whipple Hill Podium's SOAP webservice

My_Podium - Delphi Project UID

Delphi Project UID