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Pickled-object-database - A Python Object Database Implemented Using cPickle and SQLite - A simple w

Pickled Object Database ("pod")Please note -- development of this project is currently paused. Based on some initial feedback, some large changes to the pod architecture are planned and I am working on a 0.6.0 release which fixes these problems. pod is a Object Relational Mapper written in Python and built upon the standard Python packages cPickle and the sqlite3 interface written by Gerhard Häring. The goal of pod is to provide an easy to setup and easy to use queryable database for arbitrary

Seepod-lesson-manager - Java application for studying Chinese lessons.

SeePod Lesson Manager is an open source Java application designed to manage lessons. The application includes an MP3 player, PDF reader, Chinese-English dictionary and progress tracking functions. 1. News27 November 2009: will be shutdown in Jan 2010, all files will be available on this Google Code site within a few days. Please adjust your reality accordingly. 2. Quick Start GuideInstallation: The application packages, source code and user guides are all available


rubyPod is a graphical frontend for managing an iPod on Linux, relying on the gnuPod project as its backend. It supports adding and deleting of songs, creation and modification of playlists, convenient id3v2 mp3 tag edition and exporting to hard drive.

Ipodres - iPod Video Resolution Calculator

If you have a video that you would like to put on your iPod, you will most likely want to convert it to a compatible format, and you will most likely also want to lower its quality -- including shrinking the resolution of the video. This is where this software comes into place. All you have to do is calculate the aspect ratio of your video, or even give the ratio on the form of either "WIDTHxHEIGHT," "width/height," or "width:height," and tell it to iPodRes which will then give you suggestions o


SIVE - Simple iPod Video Encoder - is a graphical tool to make video conversion for iPod Video real simple. It's a GTK2 frontend to mplayer, mencoder and mp4 muxers.

Shuttlepod - JSON data handling framework. Makes JSON feel like Legos. Does HTML, XML.

NOTE I’ll provide a few demos during the next days, clean up the API, and wrap the source as an easy-installable egg archive, all of which will help to make shuttlePOD easier to try out and judge. NOTE this publication is in sneak preview beta. The concept has proven its applicability and usefulness, and the code here is a re-write and re-organization informed by earlier applications. I do not promise that all the parts are there, are documented, or work correctly as yet. Concrete Abstract: Wh

Iphonebackupbrowser - iPhone Backup Browser

Browse the files of local iPhone/iPod backups.DescriptionThis program shows the content of your iDevice backup. No special access to the device is required, just non-encrypted backups made by iTunes 9.1.1 or 9.2 - 10.1.2 (as I write this), of course. Select an app to show its files, or double-click it to open the .ipa archive in the Explorer. You can drag a file to an editor, an image viewer, etc. Or double-click to show it in the Explorer. The filename consists in 40 hex digits and is not renam

Javapns - Apple Push Notification Service Provider for Java

JavaPNS 2.2JavaPNS is a Java library to send notifications through the Apple Push Notification ServiceWelcome to the JavaPNS project, home of the most user-friendly, powerful and fine-tuned Java library for APNS! This fully-featured Java library allows developers to push notifications to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) through the Apple Push Notification Service using a simple yet powerful set of tools. First-time users will find the library to be extremely easy to use (start with a singl

Iphonedebug - iPhone JavaScript debug console

IntroductionThe iPhone Debug Consle is meant to give greater visibility and interactivity on your iPhone/iPod Touch while doing development. I grew frustrated having to go through the "include console.log statement then reload" method of debugging. I wanted something similar to Firebug's fantastic console and debugger. In trying to find something that would fit my needs, I came across Joe Hewitt's iPhone/Firebug integration, but I wanted something more robust and that worked without firebug and

Konami-js - A quick and easy way to add the Konami Code easter egg to any site. iPhone compatible!

Konami-JS Every site should have an implementation of the Konami Code. It makes things more fun. If you're unfamiliar with it, the Konami Code is a "cheat code" that appeared in many of Konami's video games going all the way back to 1986. It was typically entered on a Nintendo controller. Recently, ESPN received attention for the funny, flashy things that would happen when the code was entered on their website. Those shenanigans were the inspiration for whipping up this script. iOS & Android Sup