Pocket Open Component Kit ( Pocket )

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POCKET is a set of free open-source components for portal development and are provided for the public so as to provide rapid development and component reuse. The components are written in Java and thus are platform independent. Currently, we focus on JSP




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PowerShell Windows Mobile Provider

Explore and manipulate your mobile device with Windows PowerShell. Supports PocketPC and SmartPhone devices; WM2002, 2003, 2003SE, 5, 6 and 6.1

PocketPC Block Game

A PocketPC clone of the classic Block game. It is written in C# using the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework, and it requires PocketPC 2002 or later. For development, Visual Studio.Net v 7.1 or later is recommended.

pocketpc phone edition applications

software for pocketPC 2002 phone edition devices like the o2 xda or t-mobile\'s mda. the first two applications are the xda skin chooser and an application to write sms (short messages) with one hand, both originally written by designlab

Verman - chips & bits [Hector Morales Piloni programming demos]

Android Compass (Magnetometer) demo (March 2011) Simple compass demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator Android Accelerometer demo (March 2011) Simple accelerometer (3-axis graph) demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator XNA Stencil Shadows (June 2009) Hard Stencil Shadows using XNA 3.0 Requirements: XNA 3.0 DirectX 9+ XNA 3.0 Graphics Demo (June 2009) HLSL Shaders demo using the XNA

Gdbmwm - An updated port of the GDBM CE library to Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms

GDBM was ported to the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform in 2006 by David Lee of Epocrates Inc., based on the original port to "CE" by Jorj Bauer at DejaVu Software. This port is distributed under the GNU general public license (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html) The original port was available at http://www.dejavusoftware.com/gdbmce/ Enhancements to this port include creation of a DLL, support for working around platform specific issues with memory cards, and enhanced performance. In additio