PoC Telephony Applications

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The PoC telephony application suite is a set of scripts and libraries for interactive telephony environments such as the Asterisk PBX and Yate.




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Researchfdv - FDV's Research project

FDV ( http://www.fdvsolutions.com/ ) research and POC project for Google App Engine.

Petrol-gae - GAE REST webservices PoC

Slurps various content providers for accurate petrol prices, but not only.

Faceme - shoot your face and post it to your facebook account

FaceMe becomes PortraitTo be added to the Facebook Platform's Product Directory i need to change the name of FaceMe this Mac.app (windows support soon) shoot you with the integrated webcam and send it to your facebook account. http://mac.softpedia.com/progClean/Portrait-Clean-32069.html

Social Networking POC

A networking site on the lines of Orkut.Right now we plan to build it on Jboss seam and use a Java content management system like apache Jackrabbit as the backend. It would be more of a POC than an actual commercial app. Later on mabe it can be enhanced

Gen-y-ideas - This project mainly focuses on new age publishing domain

Gen Y ideas Introduction:The basic objective of the project is to develop a POC for next generation web app in publishing domain. The whole idea behind the project is to innovate and adapt certain open source technologies available in the cyberspace and make use of it in such a manner that the final application becomes simple, elegant and intuitive. The system should be intelligent enough to evolve in course of time and should be scalable enough to handle large traffic at a time. It should be ac

Fxdao - A simple PHP gateway used to execute MySQL queries specifying them directly in ActionScript

IntroductionThe idea behind fxDao it is that Flex prototyped apps could use real data by defining ActionScript DAO classes which encapsulate data access logic, which means, SQL queries. Once your prototyped (but really working) application will pass the POC phase, you can decide to rewrite ActionScript DAO classes in order to access server side web services. Since DAO classes communicate within the application by exchanging Value Objects (VO) and lists of VOs (the so called model), you don’t h

Bunkai - Bunkai is a modular JavaScript editor framework, geared towards the Dojo toolkit

Begun as a PoC for the most simple UI to code web apps on the web. Currently Bunkai is a framework that plugs together generic editors and generic resource managers. At the moment editors exist for the EditArea JavaScript source code editor and a drag-and-drop visual Dojo widget editor. When one editor has changed content, it uses Dojo pub/sub to notify all the other editors of the same file. A resource manager manages list, create, load and save of files in some media. Currently a resource mana

Poc-google-app-engine - Testing the facilities of google app engine

I want to make some POC on the google app engine service

Nyc-apps-gae-ws - Web Service for NYC Apps POC

Code to store NYC data and expose as web service for POC NYC App.