Parser OBjectS (POBS)

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Native Java parser framework, no (pre-)compilers needed. Closely follows BNF syntax. Optimized for performance and low overhead. Highly flexible and extendable using a streamlined API. Integrate semantics, tracing and even context sensitive parsers.



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POB Web Client for Online Booking //////////////////Tool////////////////////////// Appserv SQLyog netbeans xdebug mindmap

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First model of Pob Bot using fuzzy logic for navigating using distance captors.


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Programmation en C du robot POB-BOT de Pob-technology. Nous allons commencer Bertrand et moi même a décortiquer un code source écrit par Pob-technology avec l'objectif principal de développez en C pour ce magnifique robot. Nous espérons tous deux que dans le futur d'autres personnes ce joigne a nous avec le même objectif et ainsi créer une grande communautés dans l'esprit open-source. Vous trouverez dans les liens l'API C sur laquelle nous a

Pobs-betting-game - A Smalltalk-based web application for betting on results of races (Formula 1, WT

The POBS project provides a webinterface for both users and administrator to run a betting game for motorsport. The administrator can create several racing series including drivers and races. This is a non-profit game! This for fans that want to compare they're foretelling abillities with other fans. Currently only available in German

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What?PObC++ is a new language designed to better define parallel programs based on message passing. Its base comes from Hash(#) component model. HowAn under development source-to-source(to C++) compiler, runtime library and a communication library. See AlsoA presentation made by me to SBLP 2010. Click here to download; Pork homepage - Main tool to create our compiler; Elkhound and Elsa homepage - Pork uses Elsa to parse C++.

Toxic-shroomz - Layouts

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3POB - 3POB - test task

3POB - test task

pobcpp - PObC++ Source-to-Source Compiler

PObC++ Source-to-Source Compiler

remoto-it - Plain Old Bash (POB) script to perform Remote IT Management

Plain Old Bash (POB) script to perform Remote IT Management