Protein Ontology

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]project-open[ - Project Server

Enterprise project server with focus on finance and collaboration

Completepo - Web based translation manager

CompletePO If you have to manage translation using gettext for your project, and you don't want to spend time explaining how to edit the .po files to your translator, CompletePo is for you. CompletePo is based on JCampbell1 and narmak101 work with SimplePo. This specific version is developed in order to do more than SimplePo. CompletePo is designed to : Manage everything thru a web FrontEnd. Create project, upload your code to generate the translation template into a MySQL database. Manage Trans

Pocore - Core functionality for producing portable tools/servers

Portability Core LibraryPoCore provides key functionality for tools and servers that need to be portable across operating systems. It contains primitives for memory management, files, sockets, threading, and more. Generally speaking, PoCore provides a portable set of APIs to the set of services that most tools/servers require. This is generally the "lowest common denominator" because once you ask for functionality beyond that, then you're delving into non-portable code. In some areas, PoCore wil

Pommo-ext - poMMo mailing list / news letter manager extension

poMMo extensionpoMMo is lightweight and small mailing list / new letter manager written by PHP. It has very simple Ajax enabled UI and very easy to use. poMMo is suitable for small/medium organization new letter management system. Original version's demo site: It has several CSS bugs and layout is broken, but these are fixed in this version. I liked poMMo, but it does not support Japanese and the project seems not active. I made it work well for Japanese for now and fixed f

Semantic-processing - Scrips used for Semantic Processing with Markov Logic

IntroductionThe project provides a set of scripts used for semantic processing with Markov Logic. Each script was programmed for an specific task like: Split the corpus used for the experiment Create an environment for each experiment executed. Add features to the corpus like PoS tags. controlling of the calls to the beast software. Also it contains examples for the models in Markov Logic proposed for a specific domain.

Trytonpos - Tryton Point of Sale

This project aims to provide POS for Tryton. Point of sale or point of service (POS or PoS) can mean a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location where a transaction occurs. By synecdoche point of sale often refers to a POS terminal or more generally to the hardware and software used for checkouts – the equivalent of an electronic cash register.

Artoo - A PHP Framework

ArtOO got its name from a RoR localization plugin I helped develop with the IT team. We decided to call that plugin 'C3PO' named after the Star Wars translation/protocol droid. As I tried to mimic or replicate the C3PO plugin using PHP, I came up with the ArtOO project. Most of ArtOO's features are RoR inspired, however, some of ArtOO's codes had been just a rewrite of some old PHP4 classes I've written as far back as the year 2002. A great deal of codes had also been written since 200

Cposs - Point of sale (PoS) software written in Python

This project will focus on a back-end Point of Sale API written in Python. The aim is to provide a solid foundation from which a GUI application could be written. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CODE IS NOT YET FUNCTIONAL.


PROJECT IS DISCUNTINUED because poEdit now supports plural forms. GUI gettext catalogs (PO files) editor fully supporting msg_plural (plural forms) almost all codepages ISO-8859-* , UTF-8, WIN1xxx, KOIR8,..

Jsgettext - A Javascript parser for Poedit written in PHP

OverviewA PHP script which extracts strings from Javascript code and merges with an existing .po file. Then you can translate strings using Poedit. Includes a small script that converts .po files into JSON so you can include it as an external file in your web application and invoke a function that translates. The script is smart enough to extract strings excluding regular expressions and comments. UsageOpen Poedit, go to preferences and add a new parser. The command must point to the script "jsg