AsteriskPNX IP PBX

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PNX system develops the middle-ware source code to glue Asterisk with a number of powerful telephony products such as: 1) OpenH323 H.323 stack 2) Vovida SIP stack 3) Bayonne Voice Automation Platform The advantages? An advanced IP PBX supporting the wide



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Tmlinux - port Linux to NXP's TriMedia serial processors

tmlinux is a port of linux to NXP's TriMedia Processors. It now well supports PNX1500 and PNX1005, and it will support TM1300 and PNX1700. Now it can run on trimedia simulator, MBE1500 board (A LCP1500 in standalone mode) and HTC EDVR board. For more details, please refer DevicesValidation. tmlinux includes a standard linux kernel (based on linux-2.6.14 and applied with some celinux patches), a uclibc and a busybox. All of them are well tested using uclibc testsuite and LTP testsuite. You can ge

pnx_profile - PNX Default Profile

PNX Default Profile

vagrant-drupal - Provides PNX staff with Vagrant commands.

Provides PNX staff with Vagrant commands.


A Drupal feature for common workbench moderation settings