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PNP is an addon for the Nagios Network Monitoring System. PNP provides easy to use, easy to configure RRDTools based performance charts feeded by the performance data output of the Nagios Plugins.



Related Projects

Openpom - Nagios or Icinga Web-based user interface.

Nagios or Icinga Web interface based on NDO. It allows you to view almost everything about Nagios or Icinga in a single page: alert, ack, downtime, comment. You can also interact with Nagios or Icinga through ack, downtime, comment, disable, and reset buttons. You can filter on hosts and services states (critical, warning, unknown, ok, outage...). The status popin allows to display graphs, either the ones from Nagios (trends.cgi) or custom ones based on RRD (pnp4nagios, ...). Screenshot version

Openbravoposru - Support Openbravo POS developers in exUSSR countries.

С новым 2012 годом!!! Выпущена новогоднÑ�Ñ� Ñ�борка кода руÑ�Ñ�кого проекта Openbravo POS. За 5 лет Ñ�ущеÑ�твованиÑ� проекта впервые Ñ�деланы инÑ�таллÑ�торы длÑ� Linux и Windows. Это новогодний подарок вÑ�ем руÑ�Ñ�коÑ�зычным пользователÑ�м Openbravo POS от наÑ�, разработчиков из Ñ�тран бывшего СССР. ДлÑ� ответов Ð

pnp4nagios - configurations for pnp4nagios

configurations for pnp4nagios

nagios-redis - Nagios plugins and pnp4nagios templates for Redis

Nagios plugins and pnp4nagios templates for Redis

puppet-pnp4nagios - a puppet module for managing pnp4nagios

a puppet module for managing pnp4nagios

rt4pnp - Router Traffic 4 PNP4Nagios

Router Traffic 4 PNP4Nagios


memory usage - another nagios / pnp4nagios script - designed to output information for pnp4nagios graphing about memory


Customized PNP4Nagios Templates which will draw extraordinary beautiful graphs for the the Nagios-Plugins for NetApp