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Frustrated because you want to output a high-quality image from your C++ program but haven't found an easy, direct and fast way? Try PNGwriter. Written with scientific simulations in mind, PNGwriter allows you to plot to a PNG image pixel by pixel.



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Improla == IMage PROcessing LAb. It is meant for image processing research and teaching. From ImprolaLib-0.0.2, it supports reading and writing PNG images. It uses PNGwriter( for this purpose.

Raytraceplusplus - Another C++ raytracing programm, working with implicit surfaces.

The base of the code was written by two student, for a semester project. At that time I was supervising a bunch of students and had to do the correction. This project was so complete and well working that I decided to extend it (adding shapes and features). You can put and combine basic shapes in an environment, which is then rendered using raytracing. The shapes are defined by the equation of their surface and their normal field. The scenes are described by XML files. Special features are textu

Image-PNGwriter - Release history of Image-PNGwriter

Release history of Image-PNGwriter

pngwriter - Fork of

Fork of

pngwriter - C++ library for creating PNG images

C++ library for creating PNG images


Arty is a little RayTracer written in C++ and wants to become mighty and fast in the future. Let's see if we can help him. So far he uses the libs pugixml(for scene files) and pngwriter for writing/reading png images.)