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Nuke Modules CVS is the central CVS repository for Postnuke modules. Everyone is welcome to develop their modules in this CVS.



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pnCGI:IRC is a module for PostNuke that integrates the CGI:IRC ( webchat script into a PostNuke Module. Main reason for writing this software is the lack of a anywhere near decent webschat module.

pnPJChat - pjIRC module for PostNuke

pnPJChat is a PostNuke module for pjIRC

Taskgraph - A Java concurrency framework with sequential model semantics.

taskgraph is a Java framework for concurrent programming intended to provide fast and scalable performance, with client code that is understandable, predictable and deterministic. To that end, taskgraph uses a technique similar to UNIX pipelined processes, Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP), and Kahn Process Networks (PN), for which we use the term dataflow. In taskgraph, processes are Java modules, called tasks, implemented as classes. Like CSP and PN, tasks communicate through channels f


pnDefineMachine is a module for the Postnuke CMS to help module authors and translators to create and maintain language files for other Postnuke modules. *** DEVELOPMENT MOVED TO NOC - GET THE LATEST FILES FROM THERE ***


The module pnEncyclopedia for Postnuke CMS is intended for creation of the Open encyclopedia in which visitors can add new terms and offer amendments to available terms.


A Guestbook module for PostNuke 0.7+ or Envolution. Uses pnAPI, Templates (smarty or php) are used for presentation, easy installation/configuration.

G-pypi - Creates Gentoo Linux ebuilds using the Python Package Index

!!! Important update !!!04/12/2011 - g-pypi2 was sponsored as a Google Summer of Code project in 2010. The student who worked on this was Domen Kožar. We're now working on making g-pypi2 g-pypi 1.0. Thanks to Domen for keeping g-pypi alive and well. The documentation for Domen's work is here and contains quite a few new features and changes than listed below. g-pypig-pypi creates ebuilds for Gentoo Linux using information in PyPI (Python Package Index). FeaturesWr

PN Web Ring Module

Provide a Ringlink Webring Module for the PostNuke program (see Ringlink Demo - RL site being a PN site).

Zcart - eCommerce Module for Zikula

zCart is a full webshop and shoppingcart module for the Zikula Framework. zCart is based on the pnCommerce module for PostNuke (v0.99).

Pyseq - Python File Sequence Module

OverviewPySeq is a python module that finds groups of items that follow a naming convention containing a numerical sequence index (e.g. fileA.001.png, fileA.002.png, fileA.003.png...) and serializes them into a compressed sequence string representing the entire sequence (e.g. fileA.1-3.png). It should work regardless of where the numerical sequence index is embedded in the name. For examples, see basic usage below. Basic UsageUsing the "z1" file sequence example in the "tests" directory: % ls te