Agile! (PMR Java Software Factory)

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web application for managing small to medium sized projet using agile methodologies (XP, scrum). Made of several module for managing tasks, share documents, etc.



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Kineticquadtree - Kinetic Quadtree Implementation

Kinetic Hybrid PR (Point-Region) and PMR (Polygon-Map-Random) Quad Tree. This class is a working framework for a Kinetic PR/PMR Quad tree. Basically your standard Quad tree is static and filled once, or filled continuously without any removals. The Kinetic PR/PMR Quad tree takes into account objects in motion, along with static objects. Each object in the quad tree extends the Observable abstract class, which allows the quad tree nodes to be notified when an object moves in the coordinate space.

Pmr-publicmethodremover - Finds and Removes unused methods on a Java Project

Simple eclipse plugin that, for a given class finds all unused methods of it and then allow users to eliminate such wasted code.

Concord-pmr - pmr upgrade project

upgrade of the pmr web portal to tomcat


Symbiosys is an implementation of PatientOS where the UI layer uses with eclipse's rcp, jface and swt widget libraries to achieve native look and feel of the gui at runtime. The system can be described as an emr, ehr, pmr, pms -- patient management system, electronic health records, electronic medical records -- Keywords list: hl7, hipaa, medical, patient, doctor, practice, practice management

Bngenerator - A generator for random Bayesian networks

BNGenerator Version 0.3 Written by Jaime Ide, created in 2003/01/13, last update in 2010/01/29 For instance, visit also the website at Decision Making Lab - University of São Paulo IntroductionBayesian networks are popular representations for uncertainty; the idea is to use a directed acyclic graph and a collection of conditional probability distributions to represent a possibly complex joint probability distribution. Each node in t

Csv2qif - Small utility to convert csv files provided by a bank to quicken interchange format.

Many german banks provide an export of a customers account statement in CSV format (e.g. or Unfortunatly CSV is not importable by software as gnucash or kmymoney. The project is a commandline tool which does the conversion and gives the user the opportunity to change imported data based on some pattern matching rules in an xml file. The current state of the project is a maven project, which build an executable jar. The jar is able to convert the output

TMR - PMR - Documents

PMR - Documents

Op-sql - openPlant SQL parser

Thu May-6-2010 3:42PM ä»…ä»…å�ªæ˜¯SQL解æž�部分,映射代ç �尚未加入进æ�¥... ç›®å‰�的代ç �全部为C编写,映射层的代ç �将以动æ€�库的方å¼�导入当å‰�的解æž�代ç �中... å†�从将C++代ç �转æˆ�C代ç �,之å‰�所å�šçš„工作几乎白费,以å�Žå�šå†³ä½¿ç”¨svn备份代ç �... 里é�¢çš„注释全部为E文,为é�¿å…�中文在个个平å�°é—´æ�¥å›žå‡ºçŽ°ä¹±ç �问题... 2010.5.8 7:21 pmï¼»R2版本] 上å�ˆä¿®æ”¹äº†éƒ¨åˆ†ä»£ç �,修正一些链接错误。 这里的版本ä