Pre Make Kit

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Pre Make Kit (PMK) aims to be a BSD alternative to GNU autoconf, GNU libtool, and pkg-config. It uses data files instead of scripts to limit the spreading of trojans in software packages. It's designed to be easy to use for users and developers.



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The `Pre-Make Kit` project is a dependency management tool. This website is obsolete, the project has moved to ...

Basecode - Base Code Repository for all C-TEK developments

SummaryThis project was setup for the quick and agile development of agnostic based projects. Be it a web-ware client on the desktop, video game, hello world app, or even the web-ware application itself. It was all build with quick and portable application code in mind. A note to developers Please check this package out before developing any software for CompuTEK Industries. FeaturesCross compatible build system, non dependent on GNU Quick deployment to multiple build servers viva Capistrano sup

Airoscript - Airoscript releases

AiroscriptGet the new airoscript-ng 1.2 with plugin support, among these including: - SSLstrip - Zenity graphical interface - Mdk3 Airoscript-ng 1.2 is quite faster due to it's new dependence loading system. Now, it's much more intuitive, usable, fast, and pluggable! Changelog for airoscript-ng 1.2- Refactorised almost all functions- Added autopawn functionality- Fixed changing mac address- Rewrote airoscript-ng script to be more readable- Autoscan function at start.- Reordered options menu- Fix

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Alicekeygen è un software per il recupero delle chiavi WPA dei router Alice Telecom AGPF. Il tool prevede tre modalità di funzionamento: modo istantaneo modo dizionario modo ricerca Modo istantaneoIl tool genera immediatamente una lista di wpa candidate da provare. Occorre specificare l'SSID di rete, il mac address wifi della stessa rete e il file config aggiornato (incluso nel pacchetto). $ ./alicekeygen -s Alice-12345678 -m 00:23:8E:01:02:03 -q agpf_config.txtModo dizionarioIl tool genera un


Another site I'm working on


TYPO3 "Tip a friend" plugin with AJAX support. Easy to extend using build-in hooks.