Projeto Mundo dos Dragoes

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Project World of Dragons ( Projeto Mundo dos Dragoes ) - Free Open-Source with two clients, a 2D Client and one 3D Client - The 2D Client is created with SDL, SDL libraries, GuiChan, etc, and the 3D Client is Written in C++ with OGRE3D, RakNet, CEGUI, LU



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Trainingpredictor - training predictor for the game pmanager

Training PredictorThe program is designed for the game pmanager that can be found at Its a program to forecast training for your team, but also for individual players you might want to buy. It gives the remaining training for this season. Forecasts for the age's of 21 (for u21 teams) and 23. You can also predict x seasons ahead. This are the features for now, but there is more to come if some users miss certain things. Right now there is also a browser version available at: http