PMD eclipse plugin

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PMD eclipse lite is an ecilpse plugin that integrates PMD with eclipse and provides quickfixes for common problems



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PMD - Scans Java source code

PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential bugs,Unused local variables, Dead code, wasteful String/StringBuffer usage, Unnecessary if statements, for loops that could be while loops and Duplicate code.

Jade-web-toolkit - JADE Web Toolkit (JWT)

JADE(Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) and WADE(Workflows and Agents Development Environment) based experimental project First Goals:1. Maven2 Multi Module Project 전환(Jade & Wade, Add-ons, 3rd-parties,etc.) JADE 4.0.1, JDK 1.6, Maven2, SVN 2. Build Validation & Verfication Remote Repository 구축(SVN) # Artifact(jars) 최신화 � Build 검� # Dependancy Documentations Ant Build 재작성 � �작 검�(include Demos,Tests, Examples) # Documentations & Screenshots JADE 4.0.1 Integrati

M2e-extensions - Various extensions for M2Eclipse

M2Eclipse ExtensionsA project for housing extensions for M2Eclipse (Maven Integration for Eclipse). By extensions we mean project configurators for the m2eclipse Eclipse plugin. WARNINGYou need m2eclipse 0.10.0 to use this. At this point, no support for earlier versions of m2e is planned. Uninstall if you have any of Findbugs, Checkstyle or PMD m2eclipse project configurators in your installation. If you don't then you are good to go. You need eclipse-cs, Findbugs Eclipse and PMD Eclipse plugins

Quality-web - Quality Web

Quality WebWhat is the purpose of this website? Centralize into a single website the following systems: SVN Hudson JIRA Confluence Automated Testing PMD CheckStyle Sonar They are part of a typical software development environment. This web aims to interact with all of them providing not only quality KPIs but also mechanisms to manage certain activities of the regular workflow. What tools and components will be used? Eclipse GWT SmartGWT Google APIs: Guice, GIN, Guava, Gson GWT Comet MySQL MyBati

eclipse-pmd - PMD Plugin for the Eclipse IDE

PMD Plugin for the Eclipse IDE


Eclipse plugin that allows the developer to checkin the Java code, only if there are no PMD violations. This plugin works on top of Eclipses' SVN Subversive plugin.