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This project has been depreciated by the plweb project. Take a look at



Related Projects

Iphone-plist-net - Framework for working with Apple *.plist files in .Net

Summary.Net Library for working with Apples *.plist Files. Designed for plists on the iPhone / iPod Touch (I don't know if apple uses the same format on their Desktop OS, but I guss so) FeaturesCreate, Read and Write *.plist files under .Net Supports *.plist in Biary and XML Format. AcknowledgmentTanks to Pete Wilson, whose script helped me to understand and support the binary format of *.plist files.

Cfpropertylist - A PHP Implementation Of Apple's plist (PropertyList)

CFPropertyListThe project has moved to GitHub. (Google code was too much of an hassle to work with. Sorry dudes, git is just plain awesome!)

Iphonebrowser - iPhoneBrowser - Windows GUI for manipulating files on the jailbroken iPhone

iPhoneBrowserWindows XP/Vista/Windows 7 GUI for manipulating files on the jailbroken iPhonewritten using the Manzana.dll ( Important Blackra1n noteBlackra1n does not create the afc2 service needed by iPhoneBrowser. You can install the afc2add program in Cydia to add the service. You can manually create the service by editting the Services.plist file or using Erica Sadun's plutil. See or

Iphone-backup-slurper - Dump most of the iPhone backup files to a human-readable format

OverviewWhenever iTunes syncs with an iPhone, it creates a backup of the files on the device. This backup is stored in: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup It can be interesting to look at these backups, but a bit of work is necessary to get access to them. I've whipped up a quick and dirty application to display the most common cases, iPhone Backup Slurper. mdbackup FilesThe files themselves are named with what appears to be a hex representation of a UUID with the extension "mdbacku

T-pot - Total Commander file system plug-in for iPod and iPhone devices

1. What is T-PoT?T-PoT is a plug-in for Total Commander allowing to browse the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone contents via USB. 2. FeaturesSo far, it allows to transfer files/directories between the iPod and the PC move files/directories between the iPod and the PC remove files/directories from the iPod create directories on the iPod PNG image conversion binary PLIST file conversion Plus all the associated functionalities in TC (comparing files, searching directories, compressing/decompressing file