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A portable emulator of the Commodore 264 familiy of computers (Plus/4, C16, and C116), aiming for the best accuracy and compatibility.



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Wabbitemuqt - The Qt (now KDE) port of Revolution Software's WabbitEmu - a TI-83 Plus calculator

Currently relies on KDE 4 libraries and the GD graphics library (both are available in the official Fedora 11 repository) See thread here for more info A 64-bit binary in source/Release_gui_kde is included and may already work for you > Download using: svn checkout wabbitemuqt-read-only Then edit in the "source" directory if necessary so that QTINCLUDEDIR, QTMOCDIR, KDEINCLUDEDIR, and KDELIBDIR point to the correct directories Run

Plus4ide - An integrated development environment to develop Commodore Plus/4 software.

Plus4IDE is a Commodore Plus/4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Windows. A fast and convenient way to create and debug Commodore Plus/4 software using the assembly language. The project is written in Visual Basic 6. To edit files with syntax highlighting, the project uses CodeMax 2.0, a freeware component. Currently it works with AS65 by Frank Vorstenbosch as the assembler and a number of emulators (YAPE, Minus4w or WinEMU). This project was written because nothing like it was publis

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