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C++ wrapper facades for Berkeley sockets



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Sinergia - free help desk framework in CSharp

Sinergia is a ASP.NET Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation based free help desk solution, developed in CSharp. It solves all the Workflow and WCF plumbing implementing one help desk scenario, providing tools to customize it to fit your needs. It provides Help Desk Ticket Management, Claim Management and Order tracking solution.

Arquillian - Testing Platform for JVM

Arquillian is an innovative and highly extensible testing platform for the JVM that enables developers to easily create automated integration, functional and acceptance tests for Java middleware. Arquillian handles all the plumbing of container management, deployment and framework initialization so you can focus on the task at hand, writing your tests. Real tests.

Witchcraft - the next generation MDA

An MDA(model driven architecture) tool to generate a complete web / mobile app from a UML model. Will generate high quality , best practices compliant code from UML model for all tiers of an enterprise application i.e. presentation, persistence, plumbing

Plumbtest - PlumbTest: Automated plumbing framework for Java unit tests

PlumbTest: Automated plumbing framework for Java unit tests Increases unit and integration testing productivity by reducing boilerplate code. Let PlumbTest do the plumbing for you...

Plumbingpy - Pump Head Loss Calculator

Calculates plumbing frictional loss from a given pump/plumbing configuration. DependenciesThe following additional python packages are required: Beautifulsoup - (for XML parsing)

Crudgeneratoraspnetwinform - Generates CRUD sprocs. Based on ColinBashBash

A winforms application which links up with a SQL Server database and generates stored procedures and c# business objects and the datalayer to make development faster. The purpose of this project is reduce the plumbing work from programming.

Jsplumb - jQuery/MooTools/YUI3 library providing visual plumbing for elements on a web page

DescriptionjsPlumb provides a means for a developer to visually connect elements on their web pages. It uses SVG or Canvas in modern browsers, and VML in IE 8 and below. The latest version - 1.3.8 - can be used with jQuery, MooTools and YUI3. Full transparent support for dragging is included. The project started out life on Google Code and has been hosted here for the last two years; from version 1.3.4 onwards it also lives on GitHub (sporritt/jsPlumb). The source repo is now being synchronised

Jvinculum - Java tools, utilities, and examples

A yet undefined set of Java code and examples. One of the goals of jvinculum is to provide only the bare essentials for various "starter projects" made up entirely of complimentary open-source frameworks. Utilizing a starter projects removes the complexity of configuration while keeping the application lean. This allows developers to focus more on delivering business value rather than spending time on the common plumbing details.

Batchflow - A .NET framework for efficient and easy batch processing tools, using ASCII Art!

BatchFlow is a .NET library that takes care of all the plumbing you need around large batch processing, especially the producer/consumer pattern that you (probably) should use. For active development, this project is moved to GitHub: