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PLUM is a flexible and extensible PHP5 framework for creating websites and webapps. All document processing is done by PLUM's modules, not PLUM itself. PLUM doesn't use any template systems. It produces output from XML using XSL transformations.



Related Projects

Javawebbrowser - web browser written in Java

I know it's a huge plan, but I still hope I will finally make it happen. Good news: Rhino: JavaScript on JVM. JFlash: Flash engine on JVM, even J2ME. Sub projects: JavaWebForm, a component based Web framework, it's ideas were gathered from ASP.Net, GWT,Tapestry,...etc. Plum, it is a OUM framework. OUM is for Object UI Mapping. I believe that most of the CRUD UI can be generated from domain objects.

Csc380-plum-novelis - Our software engineering project for Novelis

Novelis, a major manufacturer of rolled aluminum products and aluminum can recycling has sponsored our software engineering project at SUNY Oswego. Throughout the semester and possibly beyond, we will be working with Novelis on a project that analyzes various aluminum samples and calculates the purity/impurity of the sample.

Hfw - HenFirmWare

6.39 HFW Description! What's That? A clone CFW for PSP Custom Firmware 6.39. Play homebrew,vlf recovery menu, ISOs,Psx games and enable plugins (prx files). You must be running PSP Official Firmware (OFW) 6.39.Working on all psp models (Go-Brite-Slim-Fat) -HFW Team- iPSad Tocean This CFW Based From PRO & OI Cfw's Credits (OI): Zer01ne Dridri Credits (PRO): Coldbird VirtuousFlame Thanks to Total_Noob Mathieulh Geohotz TPU Dark_Alex Davee victor.rds Takka Plum kgsws bbtgp neur0n

Excilys - Excilys open-source contributions : tutorials, libraries, etc...

Excilys Group is a set of french IT consulting companies that specialize in enterprise java. This google code project acts as a repository of various code samples, tutorials or framework code that may be deemed useful. Chances are you can read about code found here on This project currently hosts four applications : grails-album, a song manager using the Grails framework (blog posts) ymca, a mobile contact application for Android (blog posts) plum, a bookmark manager usin


An easy to use tool for modeling longterm airborne virus spreading based on Gaussian dispersion model.

SharePoint Workflow Dashboard

Keep SharePoint workflows under control with help PlumSail Workflow Dashboard

Plumx - PLUM forcefield for Gromacs

PLUM forcefield in GromacsThis protein-lipid coarse-grained forcefield was developed in the Deserno group, Dept. of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, USA References:Lipid force field: Z.-J. Wang and M. Deserno, J. Phys. Chem. B 184, 351-363 (2010). Peptide force field: T. Bereau and M. Deserno, J. Chem. Phys. 130, 235106 (2009). Protein-Lipid interactions: T. Bereau, Z.-J. Wang, and M. Deserno, Submitted. T. Bereau, Unconstrained Structure Formation in Coarse-Grained Pro

TRAK for Visio

Simple Visio stencil to help create TRAK architecture views

Ibbdemo2 - Cross Platform iPhone and iPad Web Browser Simulator

NEW! (27 April 2012) Electric Plum, LLC has released an updated simulator (re-written from scratch and re-branded as Electric Mobile Simulator). Visit for more information. twitter: (ibbdemo2 has been deprecated - the source is all here still but we are no longer actively contributing)