.NET Plugin Manager

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Provides agnostic functionality for tiered plugin loading, unloading, and plugin collection management.




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JDPluginManager - [Xcode] An Xcode PluginManager - simplifies installing, updating and deleting

[Xcode] An Xcode PluginManager - simplifies installing, updating and deleting

Plugin-manager - A Plugin Manager for WordPress

Plugin Manager lets you to view, download and install plugins from wordpress.org from an AJAX'ed interface, instead of manually downloading, extracting and uploading each plugin.


A file explorer with powerful options and a website manager, all-in-PHP. phpExplorer can (un)zip (on-the-fly) directories or files, read and modify, print or display text and pictures and all the standard files function thanks to a simple plugin-manager

Jin-plugin - Simple plugin framework for Java and PHP

jin-plugin is a simple plugin framework for Java and PHP. There are some existing plugin framework for Java (OSGI, jpf, etc.) and PHP, but all of them was too complex for my needs. jin-plugin is a minimalistic solution. Look at a Java example, which loads the plugins from the 'plugins' directory: PluginManager pm = PluginManagerFactory.createPluginManager("plugins");pm.init();and the same in PHP: $pm = PluginManagerFactory::createPluginManager('plugins');$pm->init();Both of the codes load plugin

Neo-insert-imports - A tool for Web2py Pydev Eclipse users to add the code for the static code analy

insert-importsinsert-imports is a Python script made for people using the web2py framework with Eclipse and Pydev. It inserts the dead code necessary to avoid the warnings and errors reported by Pydev due to the missing web2py imports. Web2py does automatically insert a set of common imports for models and controllers so the user does not have to explicitly import them in the code. This cause a problem with Pydev since from a Pythonic point of view, these imports are missing and the static code

Java PluginManager

This project can be used to manage plugins in JAVA applications the framework provides checking of electronic signatures as well as hooks for user interaction (for example when certs are found that are not issued from a trusted authority

Evil-programmers - Misc. Far plugins and tools by evil programmers

Active-Help AirBrush BCC Entry Point BackgroundCopy BlockIndent CharacterMap CHMView ClipCopy Crapculator Ctags Source Navigator DialogManager DialogTools EditorCompletion ESC ESC-TSC-Mini EventViewer FarCall FarMail HXSView ListBoxEx MailView MakeIt MultiEditCase PicViewAdvanced PluginManager PositionSaver Rewrap Servelad SetEnv UpdateMacros UserManager Visualizer

Coldfusionfilemanager - File system management

Manage your fileSystem with GUI Ajax. You can browse directories and files on server. You can also copy, mode, delete, upload and download files, create new directories. Main Features are: Copy & Move Files and Directories by Drag&Drop Directory Tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories Rename, Delete or Create new Directories Upload or Download files just as you like User Management with different permissions Install, uninstall and update plugins Plug-in: - Trashbin - FreeSpace - Zi

Bge-networking - The latest, easiest, and most expandable networking plugin for the blender game eng

A new approach to networkingWelcome to HostileStudios networking! Here, i present the networking system we are developing, both on our website and on the BlenderArtists thread Overview:The system works by using Moguri's Python Components. However, there is a beta version of the Blender Add-on (2.6) which allows the exact same code to work with an easy-to-use GUI. How to use itA terminal component which sends and receives data that it is fed over the network. It essentially acts as a bridge betwe

Sandbox-publisher-cms - Sandbox Publisher is a very simple but extensible mini-CMS

Sandbox PublisherSandbox Publisher is kind of a mini-CMS. It is designed very simply but it can be extended easily by plugins. It comes with a plugin manager, event dispatcher and caching. The output is customizable by templates written directly in PHP. Right now it is usable out of the box with local (real) files located on the web server. Sandbox Publisher is approximately 650 lines of code within three PHP files 'big'. Get startedInstallSandboxPublisher ConfigureSandboxPublisher UseItWithLoca