PluggedOut Projects

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The PluggedOut Project family: Blog--run on your own web server, providing an online multi-user journal. Supports themes, RSS, multiple authors. CMS--flexible and powerful content management system for PHP/MySQL based systems. Multi-user management.



Related Projects

Pluggedout-tracker - Open ended request tracking system built with PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

PluggedOut Trackers is a project to make an open ended request tracking system, for all kinds of tracking uses. It will be perfect for helpdesk applications, trouble tickets, feature requests, bug tracking, and any similar request/response systems. It is being designed with the Smarty templating engine to allow easy customisation of the web interface.

Pluggedout-blog - Open Source Blog, Journal and Diary Script

PluggedOut Blog is an open source script you can run on your web server to give you an online multi-user journal or diary. It can be used equally well for any kind of calendar application. Rather than give you a thousand things you don't really want, Blog provides the essential diary or journal functions that 99% of people are going to need.- Multi-User with Roles- Verification codes for comments- Themes- Templates- Monthly calendar with navigation controls- List of recent entries- Visitor comme