Plone Documentation Project

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The Plone Documentation Project (PDP) provides the official documentation for Plone ( - end-user, site administrator and developer documentation.



Related Projects

Contentmirror - Plone Content Serialization to a Structured/Relational Database

Serializes content from a plone site to a relational database. Minimal configuration needed out of the box, just set your target database and load up the database schema. supports any archetype based content, including the default types. in addition to being useable out of the box. its easy to program custom behavior, for filtering content serialized or more control over the schema transformation process, all using the zope component architecture. Extensive doc tests documentation, with high uni

Bungeni-docs - Documentation Repository for the Bungeni Project

This project documents Bungeni ( The bungeni code repository is at

Python-docs - Gather and store python (in general) documentation

We all know that python (and all that comes from it) is great, and we want to learn it. But there is a boring part of search for docs and convert then to pdf to store or print later. This is the aim of this project - Gather and store as much python (and projects related) documentation as possible to help people to find documentation.

Bigramsplitter - Better search for East Asian languages on Plone

BigramSplitter Description: 'BiagramSplitter' is add-on search product for Plone 3.x. It supports non-English languages, especially south east Asian languages. Specification: Text character normalization process uses Python unicodedata. Convert full-width numeric and alphabet character into half-width equivalent. Convert half-width Katakana into full-width equivalent. Therefore all of above character variations can be recognized as same ones. Language Specifications: - Chinese -- No space betwee

Dexterity - Dexterity is a next-generation content type framework for Plone

Dexterity"Same, same, but different" Dexterity is a system for building content types, both through-the-web and as filesystem code. It is aimed at Plone, although much of it should work with plain Zope + CMF systems. For more information and documentation, see Key use casesDexterity wants to make some things really easy. These are: Create a "real" content type entirely through-the-web without having to know programming. As a business user, create a schema usin