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PLog is a extensible and easy to use logging library for PHP5. It supports different log-targets (file, database, syslog, network).



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Appengineweblog - AppEngineWebLog is a hack of pyweblog

AppEngineWebLog is a hack of pyweblog. Quote <<< A blog program running on Google App Engine, written with python, I call it Plog. is my sandbox, currently running this blog. is my newly started personal blog, I will write some thing about development process here. >>>

Pyweblog - A blog program running on Google App Engine

WelcomeIntroductionPlog is a blog program running on Google App Engine, written with python. For a demo, please visit my personal blog: or Current FeaturesRSS2.0 Feed MetaWeblog API Rich Text Editing File Upload Customizable Theme (new!) DocumentFAQ

Python-blog - Python bLOG=PLOG

Un blog escrito desde 0 en Python, en unas pocas líneas. Con un sistema de subida y edición simple. Bajo BeerWare License...


plog is a perl-based pictures gallery with support to on-fly thumbs, image editor embedded, categories, users, and misc options like browse view and JScript's slideshow. Use mod_perl, ImageMagick and MySQL.

Yghttpserver - Rapid and Simple Java Http Server

IntroductionThis project is the private project to research and develop the scalable java HTTP server. These days, many applications, especially mobile applications, support the webUI based on the HTTP protocol, and HTTP server feature is getting more important factor. But, most of the open-source http server like Tomcat, Jetty are too heavy to use in mobile devices which don't have strong H/W power. So, I have been developing the micro & scalable HTTP server. This server doesn't support the ful

Breakthrough-plog - PLOG - 1st assignment

Breakthrough game by João Guedes and João Henriques.

s2me is project about &quot;Streams in the Desert&quot; into mobile

Introduction"�漠甘泉" (Streams in the Desert) is a well-known Christian spiritual books, in 1920, first published. The book is not only the 20th century rather prestigious important religious works, because there were also quite touching story mentioned, there are many non-Christian believers read this book. Objectives2me = Streams in the Desert + j2me. What is j2me? j2me is a short form of Java Platform, Micro Edition which is a specification of subset of Java platform aimed at providing a

Bplog - Tracker for backpackers

This is the backup repository of Backpacker's Log. Backpacker's Log (bPlog) is a kind of web log (not a blog) for hikers, travelers. You can log your current postion with your smartphone (Android, etc.) or with other devices.