Prolog Objects

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Simple Object Oriented Programming Framework for Prolog



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Alt-metrics - Article-Level Metrics - Alternative Measures to Gauge the Impact of Research

Article-Level Metrics, is a Ruby application started by the Public Library of Science (PLoS). It stores and reports user configurable performance data on research articles. Examples of possible metrics are online usage, citations, social bookmarks, notes, comments, ratings and blog coverage. Welcome to the Open Source project site! Subsequent steps in this project will include expanding the number of data sources and adding online tools to help the most significant and relevant content to rise t

Gain-tool - Genetic Association Interaction Network (GAIN) tool

GAIN is based on interaction information between three attributes; in this case, between two single nucleotide polymporphisms (SNPs) and a class or phenotype attribute. Interaction information is the gain in phenotype information obtained by considering SNP A and SNP B jointly beyond the phenotype information that would be gained by considering SNPs A and B independently. Thus, each edge in a GAIN represents the increase in information about the phenotype achieved by considering the two SNPs joi

Kbac-statistic-implementation - KBAC statistic implementation as an R package with C++ extensions, b

This program implements the KBAC statistic in Liu and Leal 2010 {1}. It carries out case-control association testing for rare variants for whole exome association studies. Briefly, consider a gene of length n which harbors m rare variants. Genotype on the m variant sites & the disease status (case/control) are known for each individual. The program takes as input the m-site genotype and disease status (case/control) data files, and computes a p-value indicating the significance of association. I

Bayesian-inference - Python package for object-oriented bayesian inference

This package is a collection of useful classes for basic Bayesian inference. Currently, its main goal is to be a tool for learning and exploration of Bayesian probabilistic calculations. Currently it also includes subpackages for stochastic simulation tools which are not strictly related to Bayesian inference, but are currently being developed within BIP. One such package is the BIP.SDE which contains a parallelized solver for stochastic differential equations, an implementation of the Gillespie

Psrnac - Phased Small RNA Cycle counting algorithms

PSRNAC is a Python release of algorithms in the paper "Fast Phased Small RNA Cycle Counting Algorithms," IEEE BIBE 2010. Later we use our paper or the paper to refer to it. One algorithm in the paper above is used in this PLoS One paper: The release contains five (function library for solving MPSRC counting) (function library for solving WPSRC counting) (example code demonstrating how to call fun

Condetri - ConDeTri is a content dependent read trimming software for Illumina/Solexa sequencing dat

During the last few years, DNA and RNA sequencing have become to play a more important role in biological and medical applications, especially due to the increasing amount of sequencing data yield from the sequencing machines and the enormous drop down of sequencing costs. Particularly, Illumina sequencing has an increasing impact on gathering data from model and non-model organisms. However, accurate and easy to use tools for quality filtering have not yet been established. We present ConDeTri,

Evaporative-cooling - Evaporative Cooling Feature Selection for Genetic Association Studies

IntroductionEvaporative cooling (EC) feature selection is a command-line data mining software implementation in Java and Fortran for filtering genetic association data. EC integrates Random Forests and Relief-F attribute importance measures in order to balance independent and interaction effects while removing attributes that are irrelevant to the phenotype. EC has been tested on single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. For those with access to a cluster, the parallel version of EC will be rel

Plonk - PLoNK - Android remote control of Popcorn Hour and other applications

PLoNK is a android application for remote controlling the Popcorn Hour media player. It also allows you to browse the llink media server and select items to be played by your Popcorn Hour (or compatible NMT). Pax is Android appliocation for streaming media from you phone to your XBMC or Popcorn Hour.

C200remote - A browser based remote control for the Popcorn Hour 200-series

Use a browser to remote control your Popcorn Hour A/C-200 The c200remote uses PHP to let clients control the popular Popcorn Hour C200, A200 and A210 using most browsers. Just click on the remote control picture with your mouse, and thy mediaplayer shalt obey your command. c200remote connects to the device on a raw socket at port 30000. Characters, including some non-printables like \, is interpreted as commands. With the PHP sending the commands it is easy to build native apps and scripts for h

Teach-me - TeachMe is lightweight application helping to improve user's vocabulary.

TeachMe is an application for easy acquiring of new vocabulary.TeachMe displays entries in a form of small pop-up windows on a user's desktop. The appearance, number of simultaneously displayed pop-up windows or position can be soever customized, allowing users to use TeachMe during everyday work. Dictionaries used by TeachMe can be downloaded from the internet or created by user. Another interesting features are: Subtitiles & CSV import. Subtitles (SubRip format) or CSV file can be imported int