PLL Mail

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Tools for a mail delivery service, including LMTP and POP3 servers and also getpwnam() emulation. Mail is stored in Maildir++ format (qmail plus courier extensions as soft quota and subfolders). User defined filter and virtual domains are supported.



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setfsb in c#

setfsb in c# ( till now it DOESNT WORK !!!!! )

Cubem - A Java MIDP puzzle timer (3x3x3 cubes and more)

Cubem is a mobile java applet with various functions: Scramble generation Timing PLL Training for the 3x3x3 cube More features are planned! Uses code from mobile cube scrambler, jnetcube and rubiksjcube, other java cube applications

Pllcalc - Program to calculate various clock parameters for Atmel AT91SAM7 microcontrollers

pllcacl allow to calculate clock generation for number of peripheral components in the AT91SAM7 microcontrollers. PLL Clock. USB Clock. DBGU Clock. USART Clock (asynchronous mode). To compile from source You need QT-4 libraries, header files and tool. To run You need libraries only. Note: to compile for Windows You need MinGW. Visit for more detail. QT is product of Trolltech. To download QT visit

ICS PLL tools

Utilities to set clockspeed of CPUs. Currently supports NForce4 variants and the ICSes used on many socket 775 boards.

Avlsifp - AVLSI Final Project

This is the repository to save all the files regarding the A-VLSI-6323 Spring 2009.

Easypic - QT Interface to generate PIC10F20X code for controlling an ADF4160 PLL

This program prepares the assembly code for a PIC10F200 to program an ADF4106 PLL. The code should be compatible with other micro-controllers from the PIC10F20X family and possibly with other PLLs with the same latch structure and programming method. The generated assembly code is essentially just a text file and can be edited to suit other configurations.

Coopegc - Sistema Comercial Coop. Electrica Godoy Cruz

Esto es una prueba de versionado del sistema de gestion

Microcontroller-bootloaders - A collection of tested microcontroller bootloader files

A collection bootloaders for microcontrollers such as TinyBootloader. This collection contains tested ASM & HEX files for PIC and other microcontrollers. If you are looking for a bootloder for your controller, you may find it within our SVN Repository: Please email a project owner if you wish to join & contribute. We would like to see your tested tiny bootloader files. If you do not wish to join, but would still like t

Srv-1-ce - SRV-1 Community Edition Firmware

SRV-1 CE is an alternative firmware for the SRV-1 robot ( Currently the project is in it's infancy, however hopefully all functionality will be replicated. The code is structured differently to the official firmware, using interrupts and counters to allow a crude form of multitasking. Currently only the very basics are in place (and code is fluctuating rapidly), however as time passes the project should settle down. Here is the current list of 'features': Tight, fully modular c