Plist Writer

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Fast and customisable tool for creation Apple's plist document. Control serialization with attributes. Create xml tree from objects or use XmlWriter like methods.



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rabl - General ruby templating with json, bson, xml, plist and msgpack support

General ruby templating with json, bson, xml, plist and msgpack support

PList Compiler

PList Compiler is a property list compiler for Xcode. It lets you build localized and non-localized plist files from plc and ploc source files.

IPhone Analyzer

IOS6 and recent iTunes updates have broken a few features. Sadly, because of a lack of support we have reluctantly decided not to make the needed fixes. If you'd like to maintain the product please contact us. Explore the internal file structure of your iphone (or of a seized phone in the case of forensic teams) using either the iphone's own backup files or (for jail broken iphones) ssh. Viewing of plist, sqlite, and hex are supported. IOS 5 is now supported iOS 6 only partially works at t

J2plist - A java library to convert java objects to plist.

j2plist is a simple property list (plist) converter library. Property lists are frequently used by applications running on Mac OS X or iPhone OS. More information about plist Simple UsageJava code: PList plist = new PList(); Map map = new HashMap(); map.put("name", "John Doe"); map.put("age", 25); map.put("single", true); try { System.out.println(plist.encode(map)); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }Result: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD P

Iphone-plist-net - Framework for working with Apple *.plist files in .Net

Summary.Net Library for working with Apples *.plist Files. Designed for plists on the iPhone / iPod Touch (I don't know if apple uses the same format on their Desktop OS, but I guss so) FeaturesCreate, Read and Write *.plist files under .Net Supports *.plist in Biary and XML Format. AcknowledgmentTanks to Pete Wilson, whose script helped me to understand and support the binary format of *.plist files.

Plistlib - Plist and Xib support for .NET

AboutPlistLib adds support to reading (Apple Cocoa's) Plist files from .NET with support for the primitive types, including arrays and dictionaries. All values are cleanly translated to their .NET equivalents. XibLib, which is included, extends this by providing decoding for (Interface Builder) Xib files. This means that Cocoa controls will be unarchived from the Plist and reconstructed using their Windows Forms equivalents. Planned features include Plist write support, and outlet and target/act

Plist-java - read and write binary or xml propertylist files by Apple OSX, NeXT

What is .plist or property list file?

Plista4j - An Annotations framework for binding Java POJOs to plist XML.

pList is a serialization format developed by Apple originally for NextStep is now the most common method for converting dictionaries and arrays into a portable XML format. This project provides a collection of annotations and supporting marshaller and unmarshaller classes that enable the developer to quickly bind a Java POJO to a plist file.

Touchengine - iPhone cocoa touch Google App Engine Communication framework

DescriptionOverviewiPhone Cocoa Touch / Google App Engine Communication framework. This framework is highlighted in an IBM Developerworks article here. Technologies UsedPython, Google App Engine, and the iPhone SDK Current featuresIncludes a slightly modified version of the python plist library to allow syndication of data from Google App Engine to the iPhone via xml plists. Includes a generically useful caching plist downloader library for the iPhone SDK that keeps the user in sync with Google

Plist Builder

Serialize non-circular-referencing .NET objects to plist in .NET.