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Php LINK manager, or bookmark manager in php. Intended to be extremely usable in a private/group environment, displayed in a yahoo style directory listing. Searchable, themeable and template driven



Related Projects

Py-mans-tunnel - Very simple port forwarding through a ssl tunnel

A simple daemon checks every 20 seconds if a plink ssh tunnel (with port forwarding) is still alive, if not it is re-established. Platform: ms-winThis can be useful as a quick solution on ms-win client machines. The Script relies on plink.exe and pskill.exe, which are not included here. Use the links on the right to get plink.exe and pskill.exe. Platform: unix and othersplink is also available for unix systems. It should be easy to modify the script. Client configThere is a config section at the

Homruns - Genome-wide software tools

NewsIn development: a tool for scoring CNVs and runs of homozygosity using linkage results. homruns: Version 0.1.2 fixes a number of path issues that prevented homruns from working on Windows systems. homruns: Version 0.1.1 has been released, replacing 0.1 and fixing some chromosome index bugs that crashed homruns. Downloading the new version is highly recommended. This is the website for homruns, a simple GUI application for searching SNP datasets for runs of homozygosity and Mendelian errors a

Ssh-tunnel-manager - Manager for your SSH connections

The project is a high-level interface for managing SSH tunnels. The interface allows you quickly and securely establish and maintain a set of user-defined connections with tunnels. The configuration and sensitive data are encrypted with AES-256. The software is based on plink tool from PuTTY package.

Puttyknife - PuttyKnife a crossplatform GUI to create an SSH-based Virtual Private Network

PuttyKnife is a cross-platform GUI tool using the GTK2 toolkit and a smattering of Tcl/Tk to create an SSH-based virtual private network, using PuTTY's plink as a backend. It runs on any platform that plink can run on, including all POSIX-compliant UNIXes, MacOS X, and all 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems. Though PuttyKnife is written in Python and Tcl/Tk the goal is that PuttyKnife should be able to run from a USB memory stick on any platform, even if Python and Tcl/Tk are

PePLink MANGA Resources

Resources for the PePLink MANGA. This device with Linux embedded was marketed by PePLink (typically for Wifi and VoIP) until they withdrew it in early 2006. This project hosts the SDK, Debian image and other resources of interest to owners of this device.

Putty-tunnel-manager - Easily open tunnels, from any PuTTY session, from your system tray.

PuTTY Tunnel Manager allows you to easily open tunnels, that are defined in a PuTTY session, from the system tray. You can also move the tunnels from PuTTY to PuTTY Tunnel Manager. This allows you to use PuTTY just for SSH shell sessions (without opening tunnels), and use PuTTY Tunnel Manager just for tunneling. FeaturesCreated specifically for tunneling over SSH sessions Open and close sessions from the system tray Works alongside PuTTY and Pageant, using Plink Easily add and remove tunnels fro

Sshtunnel4w - a command line tool to manage your ssh tunnel easily on Window platform

SSH Tunnel Manager for WindowsIf you working on Windows platform and have many sites need to be connect with ssh tunnel, and tired of remembering the ip addresses, ports number, user name, password etc. here is a tool for you. :) sshtunnel4w doesn't implement the ssh tunnel itself, it's a wrapper of a famous ssh command line tool 'plink.exe' which is from Putty. Of course you can replace the plink with your own favor command line tool easily. UsageExecuting the script without any parameter will

Shared Genomics Project MPI Codebase

The Shared Genomics project has developed parallelised statistical applications (MPI/OpenMP) which can analyse large genomic data-sets containing thousands of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP). The code is based on the popular PLINK SNP-analysis program.

Plink - Open source LED dimming hardware and software

Plink is an open-source dimmer circuit for RGB LEDs. Using 3 sliders, you can adjust the intensity of the red, green and blue channels to create any color. Plink is a project of the Foulab hackerspace in Montreal, Quebec.

Futty - FireEgl's PuTTY -- FuTTY!

FuTTY is a fork of PuTTY v0.61 2011-07-13 (stable release) and includes these patches: PuTTY Tray PuTTYcyg ntrans2+urlcut transparency "Reconnect" and "Save Current Session" menu options Remote-controlled (ANSI) printing to the Windows clipboard I've also added some small features of my own: Added option that allows maximizing but not resizing the window, where font sizes stay the same. Added mouse buttons option for "Middle pastes, Right brings up menu". SSH related event logs show up on the te