The Pliant project

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Project for a coherent minimal set of tools, in a source code of small size using Pliant language (that focuses on pertinent indications, although allowing programmer's intervention at any level of abstraction and any general rule explicit breaking)



Related Projects

Pliant-http-proxy - http-proxy component for the Pliant programming language

The Pliant http_proxy.pli module is the web interface layer for the Pliant UI server. This is version of the module has extra features oriented at web-development, not found in the main pliant distribution.

PliGame: Pliant amp; SDL

Pligame and Pliant+SDL are Pliant bindings for SDL. Pliant\'s dynamic compiler and trivial syntax combines the ease and flexiblity of interpreted languages with compiled execution. Together, you have a high level language for high performance games

Pliant-Perl Binding

Pliant-Perl Binding

WWW-Mechanize-Pliant - Release history of WWW-Mechanize-Pliant

Release history of WWW-Mechanize-Pliant

PliantMask - Input masking jQuery plugin.

Input masking jQuery plugin.


A jQuery validation plugin that allows easy extending/overriding of rules, as well as defining field validation by html comments.