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Playthrough records audio on one soundcard and immediately plays it back on another soundcard.



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Terminator-ai-for-stay-alive-game - This is a class project.

This is class project for A.I. course held over at Mannheim University. The terminator-AI for stay alive game is AI logic for a game where you need to avoid killer robots from killing the player. Kind of like Wumpus World, except the mobs can move. The stay alive game is being done while the AI for it is being done, so they are in concurrent developement. About the game:- Has two sides: Human Survivor and Killer Robot. - Is turn based. - Has only two dimensions: x & y. - Human and computer may o

Typefighter - Type your way to victory

It's all there on the tin. Our goal is to create a side-scrolling typing action-adventure game. Our interface will be almost entirely done by typing. On the simplest level the game will present the player with a series of typing challenges that must be overcome to finish the game. It will play in the standard 2-dimensional format common to most games of the early to mid 90's moving from left to right. On the way from left to right enemies will be encountered. it is during this time that a prompt

hellfire-commentaries-app - Boxee application to access playthrough videos from

Boxee application to access playthrough videos from


A software playthrough implementation. Just like Apple's sample code, except it works!


A rewrite of a project that I started that didn't make it to github. This is a game where you are making a town that is focused on management of a small town trying to protect it from outside threats and from themselves. I personally focused on the AI of the civilians to make them as complicated and sorta life like, but the goal is to make them not all the same, to make each play-through different.


Repositório criado para distribuir os conhecimentos e códigos do HTML5 em conjunto com a linguagem de script Javascript. Contém também a biblioteca do JQuery e a engine de jogos para web CraftyJs