The Player Project

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The Player Project: Player is a networked interface to robots and sensors. Stage and Gazebo are Player-friendly multiple-robot simulators. The software aims for POSIX compliance and runs on most UNIX-like OS's. Some parts also work on Windows.



Related Projects

Javaclient for Player/Stage

A Java client for the Player/Stage robot platform.

Experimental Robotics Framework

MIARN(Modules for Intelligent Autonomous Robot Navigation) is a project of robotics perception and interaction. We provide a gui for controlling and visualizing sensors and opencv algorithms

Player-bots - Implementations of robotic motion algorithms

Implementations of various robotic motion algorithms. The code is written to work with the player/stage framework.

Ada Binding for Player

An Ada binding to the libplayerc client library of Player/Stage robot platform.

Kent Erlang Robotic Library

Kent Erlang Robotic Library is a library allowing to communicate to Player/Stage robot simulator from Erlang.


Hans(HUJI's Autonomous Navigation System) is a mobile robot that will be able to navigate it's way in a known area. The main developing platform is the player/stage . The project blog :

Hbrs-mas09w-mr - mobile robots simulations wiht player/stage

Some examples for player/stage simulations

Robocoop - Product tools for cooperative and collaborative robotic

The objectif of robocoop is to give new tools for cooperative and collaborative robotic. You have to browse the source to have the last version of the code. This code have been tested on ubuntu 9.10. Player must be installed (version 2.1 in order to use the miabot plugin) --> --> This code have been written for Miabot robot but must worked with other robot via Player server.