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A tiny little tray app that tells your iPhone, iPad or iPod that you can play videos like an airplay device. Click your computer name while playing back video on your iOS device and the video will start in Windows Media Player.



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Gamrplanr - Let's play!

This project enables people to play. Game = people playing together. Online, around a table, in a park or anywhere. Here are some of the features: Organize games Find current games depending on your location: online games, ad-hoc games in your Wi-Fi area or in a park nearby. Find future games: board games, online games, console games, wi-fi games, sports, etc Game statics: most popular games depending on game type: console, outdoor, board game, online game. Integrate Game Planning with Calendar

Huzoorbux - P2Pi is a term called by Our Founder Rehan Allahwala as Peer to Peer Internet.

A small software will be available for you to download on your computer or WIFI enabled mobile phone, which will allow you to share your spare internet in your computer when you are not using it, with the computer near you. Then that computer/ device takes the same internet, and Re-broadcast's the signal further increase the range of the signal. This will create a mass mesh of internet where computers will be talking to each other, creating a multiple layer of internet and Peer to Peer Network o

Android-multitouch-controller - Simple multitouch pinch-zoom library for Android

Welcome to the android-multitouch-controller project on Google Code. This project currently comprises three Android sub-projects: (1) MTController, the MultiTouch Controller class for Android (see below); (2) MTVisualizer, the source code for the app "MultiTouch Visualizer 2" on Google Play; (3) MTPhotoSortr, a demo app showing how to use the MultiTouch Controller class. This MultiTouch Controller class makes it much easier to write multitouch applications for Android: -- It filters out "event n

M2learn - Framework for the development of mobile context-aware learning applications

IntroductionThe arrival of Mobile User-Centric Media and Future Internet opens a range of opportunities for the development of software applications. The newly structured system serves as a platform on top of which novel mobile applications benefit from enhanced multimedia support, network-embedded ubiquity services and interoperability. On the social side, users get new opportunities for social interaction and collaboration, benefit from the mobile-specific content and service personalization a

Blinkendroid - creating largest animated mobile phone mosaic Guinness World Recordsâ„¢ since 2010

Blinkendroid is an Android application that connects multiple devices located in the same wifi network.Connected devices are able to show movies and images or play games on one big connected screen.It supports devices running Android 1.6 and above. We'll attempt to set up a new world record on the MWC in Barcelona on Feb 17.How to use:1. Install the latest version of blinkendroid on all devices that should participate2. Join the same wifi access point on all devices3. Start a server on any of th

Nectroid - Nectarine client for Android devices

IntroductionNectroid provides a way to access Nectarine Demoscene Radio from Android devices. Current feature set: Background music streaming Current song, OneLiner, History and Queue views AudioScrobbler support Support for other Demovibes-powered sites like CVGM Software MP3 player for devices with old/broken versions of Android NewsApril 1, 2012: Version 1.2.3 is released. The stream list now shows bitrate and type information. October 16, 2010: Version 1.2.2 is released. The wifi radio is no

Remotecontrol-for-winamp - Control the Winamp with your Android phone!

Control the Winamp with your Android phone! The combination of the RemoteControl plugin for Winamp and the Android app allows fast and easy control of the Winamp playback over wifi. The plugin synchronizes Winamp with the app so you can sit on the sofa while browsing through your favourite playlist. Features: playback control browse your playlist cover files transmission display track information queuing tracks playback is paused on incoming call Necessary is Winamp version 5.5 or later. The Win

Isr-uc-ros-pkg - ROS package repository from the Institute of Systems and Robotics - University of C

ISR - University of Coimbra repository of ROS packagesRobot Operating System (ROS) is currently being developed by Willow Garage and Stanford. Here you have adopted this system as the main base for our robots and since then we have been developing several packages. ProjectsBoth in Downloads and in Source sections the developed packages are available. List of highlighted packages: PlumeSimPlumeSim is a plume simulator designed to aid in the development of odor related mobile robot algorithms. It

Google-summer-of-code-2010-ns-3 - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on The ns-3 N

ns-3 is a discrete-event network simulator, with a particular emphasis on network research and education. Users of ns-3 can construct simulations of computer networks using models of traffic generators, protocols such as TCP/IP, and devices and channels such as WiFi, and analyze or visualize the results. Simulation plays a vital role in the research and education process, because of the ability for simulations to obtain reproducible results (particularly for wireless protocol design), scale to l

Podcopter - Remote controlled flying saucer driven by a pair of iPhone devices and four fans

The podcopter project consists of a set of applications for iPhone designed to enable remote control of a flying-saucer vehicle. The software components are broken into: 1. Controller iPhone: used by an operator to direct the flying saucer using onscreen controls and the iPhone accelerometer. 2. Device-mounted iPhone: used to regulate the speed of four onboard fans and add basic stability logic to the vehicle. Four fan controllers built into the flying saucer read the light intensity from corner