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THIS PROJECT MIGRATED TO GITHUB A great thanks to for hosting up until now... it's nothing personal, this just isn't the right tool for the job ;) Project description: pLAySVG is a python library for the development and manipulation of SVG vector graphics through scripting. pLAySVG makes it easy to create graphics based on geometric relationships. It's intended for educational and artistic use.



Related Projects

Canvas-svg - A set of components bridging <canvas> and SVG

This is a set of related components that make canvas and SVG play together more. Notably, it allows you to save a canvas 2D context as SVG, and to have an SVG mirror of a canvas context.

Pylon-game - An online implementation of the abstract strategy game Pylon.

Pylon is an abstract strategy game originally designed to be played with Icehouse pyramids. The pylon-game project is a home for online implementations of the game. The first implementation is for Volity. The game module is implemented in Python and the UI module is implemented in SVG and ECMAScript.

Wayfinding - jQuery Wayfinding Plugin

A jQuery plugin that will provided shortest route through a series of one or more svg maps from a given start location to a destination using routing information encoded into the svg file. This plugin can be useful for kiosks and interactive digital signage. This plugin uses the SVG Plugin by Keith Wood and needs the base jquery.svg.js, jquery.svgdom.js, and jquery.svganim.js files. (as of August 2011 coding is taking place to remove this dependancy) Base svg map files can be generated with a va

Svgweb - Scalable Vector Graphics for Web Browsers using Flash

OverviewSVG Web is a JavaScript library which provides SVG support on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Using the library plus native SVG support you can instantly target ~95% of the existing installed web base. Once dropped in you get partial support for SVG 1.1, SVG Animation (SMIL), Fonts, Video and Audio, DOM and style scripting through JavaScript, and more in a small library. Your SVG content can be embedded directly into normal HTML 5 or through the OBJECT ta

Gae-conqueror - GAE powered SVG browser game set in medieval times

Game overviewConqueror is a turn based strategy game where players control units on a hexagon grid battlefield set in medieval time. Contiguous hexagons controlled by a player form a "territory" and income is earned from this territory each turn. Units (peasants, spearmen, knights, and barons) or defensive structures can be purchased in order to expand or defend each territory. The goal is to conquer the entire region or island, exerting dominance over the land. Multiplayer via the internet or A


SVG-cards is a collection of decks of playing cards made with the SVG format. They feature high-quality design from different styles and countries (poker, bridge, french, spanish, etc...) and vectorial representation: it means at any resolution on any support, the quality will remain the same.

Patience-for-javascript - A Javascript version of the popular Patience (a.k.a Solitaire) game.

A simple Javascript version of the Patience (Solitaire) card game that runs on all popular browsers. While initially developed for , it can easily be ported to just about any platform, including running standalone inside a HTML document.If anybody wants to extend this, for example by adding a highscore list, title/win/loose screens or recreating the content in SVG, just send me a message and I'll gladly add you to the project. (And explain Subversion to you to ;) )If you just want

Lilyapp - Lily is a browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript.

Lily is an Open Source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. Lily enables users to build programs graphically by connecting functional modules to fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add interactivity or display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Firefox add-ons, run as standalone apps using XULrunner, or (with some limitations) be embedded in a web page. There are over 150 modules available: web service mod

Mao-bot - IRC bot to facilitate the card game Mao, written in Java.

MaoBot, a Java IRC Bot for playing Mao.Where are we at?We've got card handling code that needs some polish, haven't started anything else. NoobSauce will likely continue working on his card system during the next few days, and I'll likely start designing and coding my network/IRC system. Where are we going?Our goal is a bot that does the following (maybe, design is limited at this point): Handles cards, decks, piles, etc. Intuitively shows players their cards in IRC, and possibly via a web inter

Jsplumb - jQuery/MooTools/YUI3 library providing visual plumbing for elements on a web page

DescriptionjsPlumb provides a means for a developer to visually connect elements on their web pages. It uses SVG or Canvas in modern browsers, and VML in IE 8 and below. The latest version - 1.3.8 - can be used with jQuery, MooTools and YUI3. Full transparent support for dragging is included. The project started out life on Google Code and has been hosted here for the last two years; from version 1.3.4 onwards it also lives on GitHub (sporritt/jsPlumb). The source repo is now being synchronised